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Has the Sikh community become myopic

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15 hours ago, Sukhvirk1976 said:

Yes I agree however dashmesh pitta also according to many sources went to dehradun and forgave ram rai dispensing justice against his persecutors.. Also it wasn't dashmesh pitta who excommunicated ram rai

I'm talking about the original bujjer kureits for the Khalsa, which explicitly banned Khalsas from any social contact with various groups like masands, Ram Raias (which was obviously a movement by then), Dhirmalis. I'm not talking about Ram Rai himself, rather the following he created (obviously with Moghul patronage).

Again, your whole 'kumba yaa mah lord' conception of Khalsa history is seriously flawed. What you posted below doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

15 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

True khalsa does not discriminate against any other whether from within the panth or outside.. Khalsa accepts all as one 


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1 hour ago, muscleman said:

Sarbat da bhalla is only possible if the panth does panth da bhalla first and not before that.  How can one wish or do bhalla of others unless you do bhalla for yourself first? It is not possible. How can one wish bhalla for his neighbour unless he wishes bhalla for his family first? It is same as if  you cannot love yourself for who you are you cannot love others for who they are/if you cannot see god within yourself, you cannot see god in others. Simple

Maybe by focusing on sarbat da bhalla we necessarily do panth da bhalla..? Why didn't guru sahibs create the hierarchy and say panth da bhalla then sarbat da bhalla.. May be it is through selfless actions we ultimately do panth da bhalla? 

By saying we should look after ourselves first we necessarily create discrimination? 

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22 minutes ago, Balkaar said:

I don't think so. It is good we are focusing on 'panthic' issues, because Sarbat Da Bhalla will automatically follow from the strength and unity of the Sikh Qaum. 

A powerful, cohesive Sikh Panth is the best thing for the future of the world in my opinion. Once we are in a position to carry Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Jot to all four corners of the Earth, once our religion becomes as well known as Christianity or Islam, I do believe the oppressed peoples of the world - women, the poor, lower orders/castes, victimized minority groups - will flock to it because they will see it is clearly superior to Islam/Hinduism/western neoliberalism, the ideologies which keep them in chains. 

Sikhi is the only major world religion which was founded on the premise of overturning tyranny and social injustice, which is why I think Sikhi speaks to the soul of the Modern Age better than crusty relics like Christianity, Islam and especially Bahmanism ever could or ever will again. 

Sarbat Da Bhalla will come easily once we complete the monumental task of getting our internal affairs in order. 

But therein lies the rub.. The desire to create a homogeneous 'panthic community' means becoming like any other panth.. 

Surely as the activity of khalsa aid demonstrate that if we go back to sikhi roots and be selfless then the philosophy of bani stops being a abstract concept and something tangible.. 

If we don't aspire as individuals to truly accept 1 onkaar and don't challenge ourselves to destroy our desire to create a example of pure love no ifs no buts then surely we have already compromised? 

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Here is an account of SIkh decision making from the early 1800s. Notice how Sikhs were savvy enough to know that securing their own community was top priority:



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The sikh community has become as myopic as it comes and needs an outstanding opthalmic surgeon to rectify their myopia. In all honesty, any foresight or intellectual insight requires a high degree of education, discpline and skill.

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