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I went to the Gurdwara today and a singh asked me to serve prasad. I went to wash my hands and he wanted it in a bag. The bag wasn't strong enough so the prasad sort of made a hole. 

It fell on the floor and I picked it up. I gave the singh another bag to put it in.

Then, a singhni came and asked for prasad. She asked for the one that fell on the floor and was on my hand. I told her it fell on the floor and she said it is ok. (It didn't fall on the floor for very long so I guess the 3 second rule counts?)

It felt wrong for some reason. 

Can someone assure me what I did was correct/wrong?

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Prashaad is blessed and should not be wasted. If, whilst serving, it drops on the floor, it should be picked up and eaten. It should not be wasted. 


You know for next time to maybe double wrap the prashad, or give it to the sangat and let them put it in the bag themselves. 

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prashad is sacred, extreme care, precutions, should be taken to not let it fall down.

It is more precious than any valuable items, jewellery or money.

It is just not something eatable, but rather something pure, blessings, from Guru Jee to Sangat, through sewadars.

The sewadar should be very attentive, and feel blessed, by doing that sewa of prashad distribution, though no sewa is small in His eyes, but where prashad is concerned, extreme care should be taken.


Sat Sree Akal.


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' the prasad sort of made a hole'

That bit was funny. If not logical

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On 26/06/2017 at 9:39 PM, muscleman said:

Mona to Singh, don't worry too  much. This happens to the best of us. You will be forgiven by god for being honest.  Go and do 2 sets of bench presses and four sets of tricep extensions. All will  be fine.


 OMG..........Strong arms are needed to distribute the parsad so get on with some bicep curls too. Do about 6 sets of these for next time around. Be safe than sorry.

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