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Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh 

i just have a quick question, why is sridasam.org not working? It's been down for a long time. Also, I don't want to make a controversy on maharaj di bani 

bhul chuk maaf 

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh 

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Guest Jacfsing2

For the time being use SearchGurbani, SriGranth was also having this problem, and now it's fixed. You might have to wait till they focus on SriDasam.

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On 6/25/2017 at 10:19 PM, TaksalDaSingh9771 said:

i just have a quick question, why is sridasam.org not working? It's been down for a long time.

Yeah, you've got that right. It went down in the start of this year, so it's been, what, half a year to load backups? Are they typing the text back in manually?

Now, I know it's a labor of love, since the site is free, but still, backups, people.


Btw, would this be the appropriate time to complain about the non-meaningful page numbering on sridasam? The "page numbers" are just completely arbitrary, and they don't help when you want to tell someone what page a given line is on. It would have been helpful if they had numbered the pages according to the widespread 1428-page Dasam Granth Sahib printing.

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    • Apologies, bro, I did not initially view the video. What a royal mess-up by the Buddha Dal in misprinting a Gutka.
    • BHforce do you know who the giani talking in the Video is? He is Giani Gurvinder Singh Ji Nangli Wale, a fully fledged Nihang Singh respected by all vidhvans of Budha Dal and Tarna Dal. they themselves run a Gurmat Vidhyala under Panth Akali Tarna Dal Baba Bakala. The recent Budha Dal Sarabloh Granth Sahib Paath Bodh was conducted by Giani Gurvinder Singh Ji, Giani Ji is a great vidhvaan who has studied aadh, dasam, sarabloh, vedant, Sanskrit and Farsi in depth. The old Budha Dal Gutka has many typo mistakes as it was printed by Chattar Jeevan Singh Amritsar rather than Budha Dal directly. You can ask many Budha Dal Singhs they recite the extra line in Braham kavach as Giani Ji has stated. 
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    • Monatosingh replied. The rope is strategic in many ways. Out in the wild and need to make weapons, you may need rope. Need to make a little makeshift roof, you need rope. Need to tie anything together for the purpose of surviving, you will always need rope.   Dori also saves the issue of gatra breaking, etc
    • Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Parkash is disputed between 3 Dates Friday, Katak Sudi 15 Pooranmashi, 1526 Bikrami (Lunar) Saturday, Vaisakh Sudi 3, 1526 Bikrami (Lunar) (Not Pooranmashi) Monday, 1 Vaisakh, 1526 Bikrami (Solar Date) (Pooranmashi) There is debate on this issue, I recommend reading the document mentioned in the OP. Also PLS, Benti for everyone, when referring to Gurpuabs, pls use Bikrami or Mool Nanakshahi (Which are basically Bikrami dates) dates, don't use English dates as they are not accurate as the original. We need more people to start using Desi Months and days, Barah Maha Parro!