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For those who miss apnay Tv channels, there is an application for smart phones, tabs, to view  most of our  Punjabi channels, as well as other countries also and a special section for sports. It can be downloaded through Play Store

It is named Swift Streamz.

For those who do not have Satelite decoders and still wish to see PTC punjabi, Sikh Sangat as well as  other news or dharmic channels on their PC, they should first download the programme  Blue Stacks, and then the Swift Streamz apk application, and view all of these channels on our PC.


Sat Sree Akal.

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Kodi is fine, but that programme by itself is not complete, you have to download specific repostiories with its video addons. For example, most of Zem  and after Shock video addons, if downloaded now, are not working

For those who do not want waste time on these issues, it is simpler, the Swift Streamz apk as suggested above.

Specially for those  who love to watch live keertan/paath, from  Sree Darbar Sahib, it was mainly for this purpose, the sugestion made above.

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