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Baby girls name -Thurren

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Hi all,

was hoping for ur help, we were on holiday and met a Sikh couple who had a little girl called 'thurren'. We love the name and r considering it for our own baby. Think I'm spelling it wrongly as we can't ding any trace of it. Is this a name any of u have heard of? Thanks in advance ūüėÄ

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Yes I think some ppl in America have named their kids taran but pronounce it "tear-in" the Sikh pronounciation would be "trr-un"

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Hi Craig, yes the name is definitely the one usually spelt Taran in the west but actually pronounced as you wrote it "thurr-run".

Another idea for your daughter could be to give her the middle name Kaur (which means princess). Many inspiring stories of female heroes with that name such as Mata Gujjar Kaur and Mata Bhag Kaur.


All the best

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