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Gurmat Crash Course

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    • First Khalsa were Bhai Mardana ji and Bhai lehna ji.  Nihangs who follow the teachings of Bhai Mardana ji and Bhai Lehna ji are Khalsa. You can scream at the top of your lungs, wear weapons, tie a dummalla and still Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji would not give you his favor.  Those who sing chandi di vaar, wear weapons, tie a dummalla and have their focus on Gurbani is the nihang and the Gurus Sikhs 
    • Is there a special committe of punj for confessions? Or any 5 will do What if someone in the panj are vaping discreetly themselves. How does it work then 
    • Such utter bs. My mom is the dearest person to me
    • Destruction youve made some pretty dumb posts yourself get off your high horse goof. On one thread you lost your <banned word filter activated> because somebody comapred the khalistani shaheeds to the purataan shaheeds, News flash buddy the khalistani shaheeds were the exact same as the shaheeds of old maybe the circumstances were slightly different but that doesnt change the fact that these ppl gave up EVERYTHING for us including there lives and even the lives of there innocent family members who were tortured to death in the most barbaric ways by the police and government.The kharkus fought through hell for us I understand someone who is anti sikh saying those things but for someone to call themselves a sikh to disrespect our own shaheeds like that is disgusting. The true kharkus were the same as the shaheeds of old and they deserve the exact same respect. They even had to live underground the same as the singhs of old the commonalities far outweigh the differences in this case.