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singhbj singh

Most people read history. Few people write history. Very few people make history. Extremely few people change the direction of history

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    • vaheguru ji ka khalsa
      vaheguru ji ki fateh, kaur ji Agar Pyar Mein Paise Ki|
      Ahamiyat Nehi Hoti Hain To Har|
      Kahani Mein Ladki Ke Khvaabon Mein|
      Koi RajKumar Hi Kyon Hota|
      Hai?| Kabhi Suna Hai Ki... Mere Sapno|
      Ka Majdur, Baaraat Lekar|
      Aayga| Download Karo Ese Hi Mast|
      Graphic... Doston Se Karo Share...| vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh
    • some times we have deal with difficult people and they can often say hurtful things or act inconsiderately , this may be because they were never shown love and respect (often the case in bullies), my advice is to not go seeking them out, don't ostracise them, but when you do deal with them give same love and respect you would any other member of the family . Don't stop being your good, open, caring self, try to be the best daughter/son of Guru ji you can be and lean on him when you need support and help .  Follow Guru ji's example though Prithvi Chand was not a good person he still gave love and respect as brother to Prithvi Chand , Guru ji never wish Bad for him even though he tried to do so many wrong things to both himself and his son.  ultimately, though they don't seem it they are part of Akal Purakh too , maybe look on it as doing sewa of/ showing love to Akal Purakh instead of those unaware minds.
    • number one thing to note is this one of a series of articles bashing religious faiths , so the writers are out to character assasinate all people of faith by tarring them with same crime as these examples when they admit that the two faiths frown and say clearly that misusing females leads to hell. manusmitri is the bane of all humans in India not just hindus , as the majority's attitude  poisons those whose faiths have better concepts such as equality of man, non-abuse of females, education and promotion of individuals based on ability and talent not gender i.e. sikhi
    • and some even refuse to read hindi on principle... like me 
    • be specific certain dogrey were trustworthy but the most of them were conniving bhekhi sikhs who always dragged everything back to honouring their brahmin heritage e.g. changing colour of flags to hindu colours  to ripping off the nation to feed their fellow brahmins e.g. refusing to give monies to sikhs and muslims from treasury for their festivities under orders from the Maharaja and Maharani but insisting on brahmins being given double . They are the ones who murdered the loyal dogrey and Ranjit's sons ...so no they were never sikhs they didn't wear shastar etc they helped Ranjit mentally justify disbanding sarbat Khalsa standard of deciding panthic issues.