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Khalsa School Surrey is hiring Teachers

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Khalsa School Surrey - Surrey, BC

Teachers are needed for 2017-2018 for various full time positions to teach Kindergarten to 7 at Khalsa School Old Yale Road Campus. The teacher MUST HAVE the Bachelor of Education Degree. Teachers from USA, Australia, England, from anywhere in Canada are welcome to apply. Please send the following asasp : 1. 

Resume2. Cover letter3. Reference Letters4.Teaching Evaluation reports from at least two supervisors Khalsa School is a growing independent school system in BC with over 2700 students. We are looking for enthusiastic teachers who are familiar with the new BC Curriculum.

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    • A Sikh should either eat no meat at all, or make no distinction and eat all kinds of meat given that it is slaughtered by jhatka. Abstaining from beef because the cow is holy is the result of living in a Hindu dominated society and the Hindu ancestry of many Sikhs. No animal is auspicious in Sikhi just like no particular day or month is.  It is true that historically Sikhs did stand up against cow slaughter but this was mostly due to the fact that Muslims used to do that to terrorize and humiliate Hindus. 
    • Do you even know what mad cow disease is? It is the same thing your mom been dealing for a while!! Retards hindus should not be on this site!!
    • Dear Guest Jee, I think the Bani of Second Patshahee is quite clear in the ANG you provided.  It says that, when we leave this material plane, leaving behind our physical body, even then, the soul without physical eyes, legs and ears, has the power to move about with the power of Naam, and also to see the Jot of Wahiguru, and hear Anhad Bani of Wahiguru. And all this, can also be done now in our present life when Guru jee says : Jeebhai Baajhahu Bolanaa Eio Jeevath Maranaa . This means, to repeat His name, without tongue, which implies enetering in a deep meditative state, and when one succeeds in this jugtee, we become apparently dead to the world in that time being, yet much alive in the spiritual realms, living on Amrit Bani. Third Patshahee tells us in Anand Sahib: Naam jiske man vaseeya, vajeh Shabad ganere. Sat Sree Akal.  
    • Brother OneBeing, I do not think you have any mental problems, it is only I feel that you have a lot of blessings from Wahiguru Akal Purukh, and you have to channelize your energies. Have you tried doing the jaap / simran of Wahiguru? Do it, as the Bani says: Sarab rog ka aukhad Naam. So if Naam is the solution of all maladies, naturally it is also an aid in blessings.  You need company of higher gursikhs who can clear your doubts and assure you, that definetely, most of us ordinary people are insane, not you. You have natural affinity to spirituality and its vibrations, the thing is, you need confirmation by the purer jeevas, that you are more than normal. You are blessed that you can see or perceive that all this creation is nothing but a huge play, and you are a mere spectator in His play.... most of your such complaints, are assertions of you being spiritually awakened, and as said, you just need a confirmation from some purer sikhs, that you are at the start point of your journey back to Him, so hold on tightly to his Lotus Feet to soar higher and higher, there is much much more to come, just ask Him to bless you with strength to digest anything which may come to you by His very Hukum. Cool down, there is nothing to be afraid about, and stay blessed . Sat Sree Akal.
    • Common sense post above from Tejinder Singh