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On 2017-6-13 at 3:19 PM, MisterrSingh said:

So they used us in an attempt to destabilise Punjab, thus strengthening the Pakistani position versus India? And that's viewed as a positive by us? We paid with our blood to further their aims, even though it was dressed up as support for our fledgling revolution. They played us, and we're grateful for their 5hitty AK's. 

This is common knowledge to most people. even hindus knew this !

Pakistan wanted to avenge 1971 (india splitting east pakistan away as bangladesh). We have been milked (blooded) , still are , but we never realize. 

In today's age, impulsiveness doesn't work. It might have worked in days of abdali and zakaria khan. Our enemies know we're hot headed (dil de saaf but not deep strategic cunning thinkers)

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On 2017-6-13 at 4:40 PM, StarStriker said:

Khalistan and the push for it was NOT "their aims", it became a necessity after bluestar. U kno u need to research this topic properly, rather than post rubbish n embarrass yourself

How do you know for sure that once punjab landed in anarchy by the absence of indian law , then Pakistan wouldn't have come forward and absorbed punjab via military seize ? and then even indian army could do anything in that case.

Thats like jumping from hot pain into fire . 

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On 2017-6-13 at 5:39 PM, MisterrSingh said:

I'll be brief. This will be painful for people like you but I'm beyond caring: ISI enthusiastically watered the seeds of separatism that Sikhs had planted. The Anandpur Resolution and other associated Sikh concerns were certainly borne from our side, but without any concrete support from the Pakistanis (which never originated from some magnanimous desire to emancipate Sikh concerns, but instead were a veiled attempt to further their own neverending war against the Indians), these aims would've remained as vague, undeliverable philosophies.

Sikhs in the separatist movement naively took Pakistani support as an agreement between equals. It was not. We were pawns in a game of chess between the Indians and the Pakistanis. Get that through your head. We were never in control. We never dictated terms. 

Even the potential name of our proposed Sikh homeland was etymologically derived from an Islamic term ffs! And if you struggle to believe these same Pakis would've hesitated to eventually invade and reclaim a potential Sikh homeland had we miraculously wrangled one away from the Indians, you're truly living in cloud cuckoo land.

Whoever it was on our side that was in contact with the Pakistani intelligence agencies on a regular basis was given instructions right up until the day of the attack on Harmandir Sahib. Promises were made. "Go on, begin your fight against the Indians. We'll cross the border and provide support when it looks like you'll need it. Trust us."

That support never came. We were hung out to dry by our duplicitous Islamic handlers. The b4stard Indians knew those conversations that had been taking place. I wouldn't be surprised if there were ISI-provided satellite phones amongst the debris and bodies of the Singh fighters in the complex that day.

What purpose did those knackered Pakistani weapons serve - those same weapons you and your ilk get dewey eyed over - if they ultimately proved to be absolutely worthless? Did you think the Pakistanis sympathised with us because they wanted the Sikh people to flourish and escape the poisonous presence of Hindustan? Get your head out of the sand, and view the situation from a regional and international geo-political perspective. You're swallowing propaganda from a bunch of crusty old Punjabi uncles who are rewriting history to cover their own foolishness, hubris, and fatal naivety. That absolute basic lack of understanding cost the lives of hundreds and thousands of defenceless civilian Sikhs who never asked to be part of a war they never even knew was coming. You invoke the names of our raped sisters and our butchered children as if it gives you some higher moral ground to espouse this bull5hit.

If this is the kind of wilful denial that still permeates our mentality, we truly deserve to be wiped out in body and soul.

This site is a joke at times. You people are so utterly lost you can't even see what's going on. You'd rather exist in some fantasy land of your own making, instead of confronting nasty and undesirable truths that will ultimately free you from the ignorance and deception that has become second nature as the breaths you take to stay alive. I'd expect at least one of you to at least vaguely hint as to the reality of what's facing us as Sikhs in the next century or so, but in all my years on this forum I can only conclude not one person on here has put in the hard work to be afforded a glimpse of what's to come. How is that even possible when there's so many obvious undercover brahmgyanis on this site? 

You're welcome to hurtle towards your self destruction with open arms. Some of us aren't content with becoming psychologically and mentally enslaved by anyone, be they whites, Hindus, Muslims, or other Sikhs.

Keep waiting for your Messiah. He won't be descending from the heavens to lead you to the promised land. Your hell will be this earth, amongst the ashes of your friends and your loved ones.

I'm done with this echo chamber.

Finally someone spoke out the bitter truths .

I am still astonished how many of us believe Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale is going to have a "second coming" to save us from the quagmire that we're in nowadays. I will agree with every single line of your post, except 

The Anandpur Resolution and other associated Sikh concerns were certainly borne from our side, but without any concrete support from the Pakistanis , these aims would've remained as vague, undeliverable philosophies.

How could pakistan voice for sikh concerns even if they wanted to ? Indian rulers wouldn't have given a heed anyways. 

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