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digraceful indian punjabi woman sukwinder javeed and her muslim husband going to be on uk big brother tv show

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On ‎06‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 11:44 PM, BhForce said:

Brother, either you're amazingly naive or amazingly clever. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume the former.

When you ask if this is what we've come down to, you seem to imply that there was some golden age when Sikhs happily married people who wanted to destroy the Sikh community (and every other community). Is that what you believe? (Not a rhetorical question, please respond.) Clue: From the blessed mouth of Guru Gobind Singh ji in their final words: Marry your children to a house where there is "Akal Purkh di Sikhi".

I wouldn't promote the use of vulgar names, but ridicule is absolutely something that the Khalsa used to express their disapproval of a number of things. This is shown in the Khalsa Bola (Khalsa code-language) which used words like "Budh-avtar" for a disabled person to express their belief against pacifism.

What's wrong with ridicule? It's not like we're killing (or even beating) anybody. Ridicule is a non-violent method of expressing disapproval.  A recap:

Are you against socialization? (Please respond.) If so, that would be unbelievable. You are actually against any socialization whatsoever? If not, are you only against socialization when done by Sikhs?

Here's the reason for the ridicule, by the way (excuse the small grammatical error):

Do you agree or disagree that Sikhs should take steps to stop the decimation of their community? Finally, do you agree with the mission of Guru Nanak Dev ji, and do you want to preserve the Sikh community or not?

Ah! Good points. Yes it goes away from Sikhi values, Sikh marry's non- Sikh. NO there never was a time when Sikhs married non Sikhs to destroy Sikhism in past. YES we must preserve tradition of all Gurus as it set.

FTR would anyone classify this lady as a "Sikh?" Maybe she an atheist? Does it really matter? No? Ok... Then would it be appropriate to call sum1 like Sunny Leone a "Sikh??" Ki gal??? Her parents were Sikhs! Hun Ki gal hoi??

Maybe we should leave the term "Sikh" to whom it rightfully belongs... TO AMRITDHARI GURSIKHS!Everyone else's Punjabi until then.

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