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singhbj singh

What do you believe are the traits of a spiritually mature person?

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The Gursikh, the Gurmukh or Brahmgyani — having divine knowledge and experience, or khalsa — the pure, is the ideal man of the Gurus whom they tried to carve in their own image.

On the basis of his actions and qualities, the Gurus have divided man into two categories, Gurmukh and Manmukh. If a man controls his evil impulses, his "humai," or ego, and attunes himself to God, he becomes a Gurmukh; a God-dedicated soul. But if he forgets God and doesn’t control his evil impulses, he degenerates and becomes a Manmukh; a self-willed egoist away from God. The Manmukh is attached to worldly wealth, worldly allurements and several enjoyments. His desires are unlimited.

On the other hand a Gursikh — “Disciple of the Guru” — is the purest of the pure. His mind is illuminated with divine light and knowledge. Meditating over the name of God he enjoys supreme bliss. He is compassionate and serves humanity.

Amarjit Singh

Sikh Centre, Anderson

Source - http://www.redding.com/story/life/faith/2017/05/18/spiritual-maturity-requires-variety-traits/100849300/

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    • Predominantly, yeah. england. By the way, the goreh built roads and trains in Bharat ('India') only to easily distribute the goods that they wanted to loot (this word was, also, looted by them when they were looting South Asia) throughout the continent before shipping all of it back to the uk. They did this only for themselves, so it is not a legacy for the people or country but merely a by-product that was left behind. That wealth included: cotton, textiles and metals, which started the industrial revolution in the 1940's/50's tonnes and tonnes of wheat, rice and grains that left millions upon millions of people starving to death through mass famine countless hundreds of trillions of pounds (~ 600), on which the uk economy has been built today historical Sikh artefacts that were 'forced' to be relinquished and are now kept in museums for profit Ironically, the money that Sikhs and other 'Indians' earn today is what, arguably, belonged to their ancestors. You might already know this but before the empire, Panjab was, apparently, one of, if not, the most literate and well-off places in the world. It had thriving industries created from home-grown materials and some of the mughals were investing some of their wealth too e.g. palaces. Now look at the state of it. The hindus and muslims are to blame for this, too, but the goreh started the trail of destruction, in my eyes. People can do their own research and decide for themselves on how they see them but from my experience, they're nice to your face but cunning behind your back. I'm not just talking about the middle-class elite but the common working-class too. You won't always hear or see them say it because it goes against their preferred method. As far as I'm concerned, they're all the same. According to a recent uk survey, 59% of the uk population are 'proud' of the empire and its colonial rule. I think that says it all.
    • I have a question, these Singhs are probably amritdhari so do they manage to get their paath done whilst in jail?
    • the attack happened on 30 September 2012 Mandeep Singh Sandhu and Dilbag Singh were sentenced to 14 years, Harjit Kaur was jailed for 11 years while Barjinder Singh Sangha received a sentence of 10 years and six months. I don't think they are out of jail @S1ngh source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-25316370
    • Mandeep Singh Sandhu (the bottom right), Dilbag Singh (second top), Harjit Kaur (bottom left), and Barjinder Singh Sangha (top first)
    • He is a military general for all of his life and above Sikhs were just a common folks. Big difference. That is not the point of the post. Can anyone update if they are up for any parole? Can we write them letters?