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What do you believe are the traits of a spiritually mature person?

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The Gursikh, the Gurmukh or Brahmgyani — having divine knowledge and experience, or khalsa — the pure, is the ideal man of the Gurus whom they tried to carve in their own image.

On the basis of his actions and qualities, the Gurus have divided man into two categories, Gurmukh and Manmukh. If a man controls his evil impulses, his "humai," or ego, and attunes himself to God, he becomes a Gurmukh; a God-dedicated soul. But if he forgets God and doesn’t control his evil impulses, he degenerates and becomes a Manmukh; a self-willed egoist away from God. The Manmukh is attached to worldly wealth, worldly allurements and several enjoyments. His desires are unlimited.

On the other hand a Gursikh — “Disciple of the Guru” — is the purest of the pure. His mind is illuminated with divine light and knowledge. Meditating over the name of God he enjoys supreme bliss. He is compassionate and serves humanity.

Amarjit Singh

Sikh Centre, Anderson

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