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    • If there ain't no mosque around, I think they can get funding for one from saudis, who'll throw money at it. Money that is peanuts to them given their revenues from oil sales. 
    • They move where the mosque is. That is their number one requirment. I worked for a estate agents once and they always asked if the area had any local mosques. 
    • ' the prasad sort of made a hole' That bit was funny. If not logical
    • Do you think once these open door and irresponsible economic reform policies have been instigated the future successor of the current guy in charge will roll it all back? Once you set upon the global path there is no reversal. Of course not, bro. You know how white Canadians have a reputation of being laid back to the point of being perhaps too compliant, even when they should maybe step forward and make their voices heard? Up until relatively recently they've been content to go with the flow, but from my observations based on various sources and the usual internet chatter (where under the guise of anonymity people are predisposed to say what they truly feel about issues that perhaps they would shy away from discussing truthfully, due to fears of ostracism in the workplace, friends, and family) from Canadian people of all political and social hues, there's a genuine concern and, if I'm being honest, the beginnings of a panic about where Trudeau is looking to take Canada. Will you go full Sweden? Not solely under Trudeau you won't, but if his ways are seen as a template instead of an aberration, you're looking at trouble within the next decade or so. Obviously with you guys being on the ground over there your daily experiences might differ, but I hope you at least have one eye on the future. Don't get caught napping.  
    • Brother, prashad is sacred, extreme care, precutions, should be taken to not let it fall down. It is more precious than any valuable items, jewellery or money. It is just not something eatable, but rather something pure, blessings, from Guru Jee to Sangat, through sewadars. The sewadar should be very attentive, and feel blessed, by doing that sewa of prashad distribution, though no sewa is small in His eyes, but where prashad is concerned, extreme care should be taken.   Sat Sree Akal.