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Guest gurmehar

prayers for children

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From the age of around 11 please teach your children to learn rehraas sahib kantt! The baanee is very simply written and easy to remember especially for a young mind

other baaneea involve chaupai sahib, 6 pauree Anand sahib, Basant Kee Vaar

key shabads are also good to teach naujawan alongside the meanings e.g. 

Jo tho prem khelan kaa chaao ...

theraa keeaa meetaa laagae ...

deh naam santokheeaa ...

prabh pass Jan kee ardaas ...

sajjan sachaa paatshaah ...

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Dear Guest Gurmehar,

The following are the 5 Shabads/Keertan, which I would suggest  for your query for children in addition to the Mool Mantra

Too mayraa pitaa toohai mayraa maataa.

Too thaakur tum peh ardaas

Tumh karahu da-i-aa mayray saa-ee.

Parabh keejai kirpaa niDhaan ham har gun gaavhagay

 Raam japa-o jee-a aisay aisay

The important points in them is that He and His wadeeayee  is important, not we(our haume, ego); and above all His Grace, and His Saacha Naao.

Sat Sree Akal


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Children learn better in the company of other children, so, if similar type of keertan sample is shown to them, they can gain confidence in themselves, that they also, with the helping hands of parents, they may learn and sing Gurbani, as the pyarey children of this video.


Sat Sree Akal.

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