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Why Guru Gobind Singh sahib uprooted a weed with his arrow ? Was that a karamat ?

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When a muslim man came and told news of shaheedi of younger sons of Guru ji, guru ji took his arrow and updated a small weed (useless plant) nearby and said 

"Mughal empire has been uprooted. Now its days can be numbered."

So was this a karaamat ? Did Guru ji used his magical power to uproot mughal empire ? Because if he could just uproot a weed and use his spiritual power , then there would be no need to struggle externally with the empire 

or was it just guru ji's way of saying that this is how easily mughal empire will be uprooted.

Secondly, Guru Teg Bahadar ji was asked to show a miracle as a sign of him being a prophet , but guru said "Karaamat kehar hai" (miracle is tyranny).

So I can't imagine his son and actually Guru teg bahadur in next saroop doing a karamaat .

This question will be questioned by some kids in future anyways lol.

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There's a difference between what happens in Waheguru's Hukam, and what is a miracle, kautak, karaamat and riddhi sidhi. So that would have to be explained in order to understand why something happened. 

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