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Nature is the biggest remedy in life. What do we mean by nature? In warm weathers getting a chair and sitting in the garden. In cold inside with a view out window. NOW here's the thing... To do this for 3 - 4 hours at least three times in a week! Can you manage? Will you get bored? (mobiles switched off). That is the point to be oness with nature. Many may have already complained "I do not do Gurbaani that much in one day. Am always on phone, internet or occupied with something, like gone Gurdwara." Yes I know how important Gurdwara is. BUT that besides the point have you ever taken out time to be one with nature? 

If you start off by sitting in silence for an hour 3 times a week this will be an excellent start. Then slowly increase on the hours. At first you may find it difficult and your mind will certainly run but let it. Let it run and go where ever (again, phones switched off OR do not pull out phone unless it rings and you know it's emergency). The aim is to look, feel and listen to the things around you. The birds whistling, the wind blowing on trees and flowers. Other sound whilst inhaling the nature's wind in you. By being inside/ warm place the same thing can be managed. 

If you see leaves being blown see it and feel the leaves in direction it's being blown. If you hear birds try and whistle in their tune or just hear them "Speak," who knows? Maybe you'll learn to speak all types of birds over time? NOW HOW DOES THIS AFFECT SIKHI!? It should affect ALL types of people but let's see benefits of this practice. The mind calms down. See? We humans are full of business, hyper, "Got to do something" attitude that we forget about patience and calmness. Sikhi talks about patience and calmness (in relationship Sikhs must avoid anger).

The same principles apply if one takes out time to do Gurbani/ Simran. Regular Nitnem and Prayers help immensely to improve on life too. BUT what happens after we're finished for the time being? Can we sit waiting for a train with patience? Or do we have to pull out mobile/ laptop or whatever hi-tech? Can we sit for thirty minutes on the sofa, contemplating on life, or do we have to flick through the TV? Obviously, since am writing this on net am clearly not against these Hi tech gizmos, but I think we need to ask ourselves, "Have we ever spent a few hours each day where our minds were not occupied with something? Was I impatient the way I reacted? Was I overthinking/ impatient with a situation?" THIS patient and calmness is dealt with being nature, whereas Regular Nitnem/ Simran will deal with Kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and Ahankaar. 

Who knows? Maybe I am writing all this out of ego? For attention "OH! Look at me Sikho! I have something important to say! Hun meri jai jai kro!" See? the mind opens up in a different perception. SO why is patience important? With patience krodh problem can be sorted. NOT "My kids are naughty I'll scold them" that is showing angry so your kids behave. Krodh can be where you beat your kids to the point of battering them black and blue OR where your calm on the outside but in your mind you picture repeatedly stabbing someone with a knife or axe... SOME may know what am on about and the physical impact it has on the body, causes tension and makes room for a disease.   

AND the first thing Sikhi will teach is Daya (Compassionate). By being in nature insects may come on your arm, leg or hand. You automatically feel happy that a creature is on you. You have to gently get it off you and put it down so when you get up and go inside it does not follow you OR you worry you may hurt/ kill it but you feel the need to inspect it for a few minutes before letting it go. All in all you are training your mind in the art of calm stillness. If your mind and body is still YOU are still. You learn to be still, the wait and understanding the importance of wait. 

You can do Business and think "Well, I tried hard on my part if it happens it happens." Maybe you have an exam coming where you frustratingly go through revision notes. You feel the heat on your most hated subjects, you cannot concentrate AT! ALL!? 

Instead by practising nature and revising, you will smile and learn it form a calm perspective even the things you do not understand... (PLEASE NOTE, don't mistake this for being too calm and not studying, thinking if I get a high grade it'll happen) - YOU have to still try hardest on your part, your full potential. Only difference, are you studying with a calmness or frustration??

When your doing prayers it'll be with a focus ON he prayers and the mind does not wander. OF COURSE! Doing prayers with a focus IS the key... By practising to be in nature EIGHTY PERCENT of your mind will be in focus when doing anything, include Prayers. The rest of the twenty percent is kirpa that you can now focus on any task with efficiency, calm, stillness and FOCUS! 




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    • Simple lack of control over the mind.If the mind tells you to do IT you say no and do something else.
    • Ardaas without action is not the solution. Praying for the best outcome whilst doing nothing proactive is madness.
    • I happen to be a statistical nerd so if there are any figures you disagree with that I have quoted above - then mention them and I will justify my figures. Or feel free to offer your statistics in contrast to mine above related to the specific figures I have mentioned and I will tell you why I disagree with you. I will concede that we only have puratan sources to go on regarding my assertion of around 90% of Sikhs being killed in the vadda GhalluGhara 1746-1762. I am also willing to concede that during the Congress Genocide of Sikhs that the percentage of Sikh victims may have been less than 1 in 200 ballpark figure if we extrapolate Shaheed Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra Ji's figures. Similarly it is possible that in the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs there may have been more than 20% fatalities. Either way you look at it, in percentage of losses suffered per capita, the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs was between 50-100 times worse (in percentage terms) than the Congress Genocide of Sikhs between 1984-1995. Thanks  
    • Hey DhadrianWaleZindabad, did you know 97% of stats are made up on the spot? 
    • Ajeet Singh no community should be trusted en masse. Even Sikhs in leadership positions should only be trusted on the basis solely of their actions rather than on the vague basis that they were/are supposedly a Brahmgiani Mahapurkh (eg Mahapurkh Sant Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma Khalsa Bhindranwale or "Faqr-e-Qaum" Badal or Santa or Beanta). Using Lakhpat Rai, Gangu and the various low level employees of the Islamic Mughal Empire is like saying that KPS Gill and General Brar or Punjab Police under Beanta or Badal recently represent the Sikh community. Pawns do the bidding of their more powerful masters. The 1984 Genocide was done in Delhi by a mixture of Hindu's and Muslims. But in the context of Delhi 1984 who physically did the murders is not as crucial as understanding who orchestrated the violence against Sikhs - Congress (Indira) and Rajiv. Interestingly, Damdami Taksal campaigned for Congress (Indira) in the 1980 elections, so we as Sikhs are not without blame for allowing a terrorist like Indira to gain power in 1980. By 1977, 30 years after the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs in which 20% of our Qaum was killed there (the equivalent of if 6million Sikhs were killed today) most Sikhs had completely forgotten about the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs and some were more focussed on Indira's pawn Gurbachana. During the Islamic vadda Ghallughara Genocide of Sikhs over 90% of the Sikh population at the time was killed off. During the Congress Genocide of Sikhs up to 1 in 200 of our community's population was murdered by no more than 0.001% to 0.0001% of the Hindu population at the time. Ie 99.99% or 99.999% of Hindu's committed no violence against us. Even the Congress (Indira) supporters at the Rajiv 1984 victory election constituted no more than 15% of the Indian population at the time (which is the maximum extent of the Hindutva minority which currently successfully cons 79% of Indians into falsely thinking that they are Hindu - despite the word "Hindu" being an Arabic word meaning a "black-skinned thief"). So it is highly counterproductive to our own Sikh interests to consider so-called Hindu's in a generalised way as enemies. Rather we should regard the minority of Hindutva supporters as our opponents but regard the general one billion so-called Hindu masses as future sehajdhari Sikhs. They are the biggest and easiest population for Sikhs to expand our numbers (for Sarbat da Bhala) fastest. Realise that the RSS and Hindutva elements are happy when we express generalised hate for Hindu's as they know that keeps their so-called Hindu flock safe from wholescale conversion into sehajdhari Sikhs. The best way to attack Hindutva is to expand the Sikh population by incorporation of erstwhile Hindu's as new Sikhs. If Sikhs are a minority by the 2021 census in Punjab then we will only have ourselves to blame for not reaching out to Hindu Punjabi's and Bihari's in Punjab despite Dashmesh Pita being born in Bihar and most Hindu Punjabi's ancestors attending Gurdwara prior to the terrorist Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Very well said Singh598! 1. True acsap Singh that Santa Niddar Dal Nangs and Damdami Taksal are trying to push their Hindu soch upon ordinary Sikh masses but in Punjab these two so-called jatha's are becoming increasingly irrelevant, People see through them and Dhumma's support of Indira Gandhi in 1980 as well as his murderous attacks on Shaheed Bhai Bhupinder Singh Ji, Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale and Bhai Panthpreet Singh Khalsa. 2. Sikhi can NEVER be absorbed by Hinduism! Falsehood (Hinduism) can never absorb the Truth (Sikhi). It is Sikhs who need to absorb our brother peoples in India into Sikhi and liberate them from the lies of Hinduism. All poor and good people in India are fundamentally sehajdhari Sikhs. But if we don't term all Gurdwara attendees as Sikhs and try to restrict the definition of Sikh to as small a population as possible whereas Hindutva strategists do the opposite and include anything with a pulse as being Hindu (for the political power to be gained from falsely terming people as Hindu's) then the fault is ours as Sikhs. But yes I agree with you if we don't include as many people within the Sikh Panth (whereas our enemies strive to include include everyone under the Hindu umbrella) then clearly one method will defeat the other - so we need to strive to include as many non-Punjabi sehajdhari's within the Sikh Panth as possible - as the next Hindutva attack on Sikhs will be to try declare that sehajdhari are non-Sikhs so that Amritdhari Sikhs are reduced to a 3% minority in Punjab (which would be lesser in number than Muslims and Christians in east Punjab) which would be politically impotent in real terms. The puratan definition of a Sikh was anyone who bowed down in matha tek before Guru Sahib.