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can 5 Women give Amrit di Pahul to anyone ?

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On 16/05/2017 at 5:43 PM, Akalifauj said:

this topic of why women cannot be in punj pyare has been discussed.  Every arrogant point you will bring up and have stated has been answered.  This topic took off recently as well and your arrogant points expressed by another did not pass the test of Gurmat.  Now on keski or kes being matter of opinion of which one is kakkar.  This is a complete lie.  Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji made it clear in his Bani Kesh is Kakkar.  There is no mention of keski being kakkar.  This poster is affiliated with the people who rub up on each other during kirtan programs....forward and backwards they rub each other screaming and hoalering male to male.  While rest of the sangat is disgusted. He pretends to be humble but give me couple of more post and watch how the mask falls off.  He will be cracked like a hollow nut in a old brittle man's hand.

If all my points have been answered then I have nothing more to say, close off this topic and let the reader decide for themselves rather than having you forcefeed your own opinions to them. 

As for the keski kakkar subject, that's another topic for another day; and chances are somebody's already started that thread. 


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On 2017-5-1 at 4:40 PM, Jacfsing2 said:


It was Sri Mata Jito JI, yes despite Sri Mata Sahib Kaur JI being the mother of the Khalsa it was Sri Mata Jito JI who put the pataase in Khand-Di-Pahul, (the reason the story of Sri Mata Sahib Kaur Ji being the main story is because some non-Taksalis Khalsas wanted to respect their mother, so they made this story, which is respectable as she's our mother, but we shouldn't make false history).

Khalsa was made from the Khoon of the Punj Pyare giving their heads, none were female and every true Sikh will respect that ithias, only 3HO and AKJ really made this a controversy.

None of the Punj Pyare were female, and nor has there been any female guru. That's why. A child can still be Punj Pyare because some of the forms of Guru Sahib were children, but none being female and Guru Khalsa Panth.


Despite that, both men and women should take Amrit.

How ridiculous a analysis.. Do you know who was the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th person to take khande da Pahul? 

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On 2017-5-15 at 7:16 PM, Jacfsing2 said:

When Taksal, (Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind's own made institution), declines it and Badal's Akal Takht allows female Punj Pyare you get a serious problem. The argument isn't about equality it's about Maryada, and the Gurmat Maryada and all Rehatnamas do not mention 5 Kaurs as Punj Pyare, (if you can post ANY Historical maryada instead of AKJ and 3HO emotional b.s. than I will consider looking at it).

No one said the first panj pyare to take khande da Pahul... But the fact one wasn't doesn't mean they can't... The first khande da Pahul amrit sanchar involved a woman.. So there was female participation.. 

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