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You/We are not alone - Nanak Dukhia Sab Sansaar

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Something weird and wonderful happened today as I went to my clinic appointment today. As usual, I went in to see the nurse, but the day she called and asked me to go in early, so I was a bit rushed in a panic to get there on time and not prepared as I should have been. 

Anyways, as I walked into the room, the lights were off and she asked if we could sit in the dark as she wasn't feeling too well from headaches. So, I agreed and as normal she asked for my feedback and how I'm doing, going into other treatments, etc. I noticed she wasn't her normal self, so I asked her about her health condition and what she had treatments she had tried. From that moment onwards, it felt as if our roles had been swapped and I never seen a professional so down and tired. So, I thought she normally helps me and is a great nurse, let me try to help her, but wasn't sure if it was right or if it would help her. I gave her suggestions of treatments I had tried for some of my symptoms and as I knew they can also be beneficial to her symptoms too. I also said some funny things which coincidentally did happen this morning and we're connected to me being there as a patient and we both laughed. I could see her eyes light up and gradually her see her relaxed than before, so I asked her how she was feeling than before and she replies "I feel a bit better". And so did I from rushing around and not being organised for the appointment.  

When my session was over she walked me to the reception and kept hugging me as if to say thank you and I could see I'm not alone with my health problems. Even health professionals have their bad days, but it felt good to see that she had benefitted from a simple thing as laughing and happiness. That diverted her from her symptoms and she was able to carry on better with dealing with me as the patient. Seeing her smile and relieved from her symptoms, made my problem feel less too. I was happy to see her happy. 

So, the point of the topic is, not to get stressed out too much over things we can't control, but when we need help to share our problems with others, either friends or relatives or even anybody that would make you feel better. It helps to feel lighter by reading or watching funny things. I also remember there's been a few past posts about humour on here. 

You/we are not alone, the whole world is in the same boat. 

This shabad came to mind after today:



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    • This is what we do, I’ve donated clothes to Sikhligar before and was deciding yesterday again, as we have more. Why doesn’t your mother want you to donate to them ?   Do you have their number ? Call them and ask how things should be donated and any questions you may have.  http://www.britishsikhcounciluk.org/contacts.html If your mother wants to give them to your cousins, then that’s ok too. You may split them and give half to them and half to charity. 
    •  OP Sinner, not everybody has the company of sangat. I’ve never had the communication of physical sangat and that will probably be the case with many people. Being with the right sangat or within a sangat is a benefit, but if one doesn’t have that, then it should not change the love between you and Guruji.  Everybody is going to be different and it’s impossible to be the same all the time. You should participate in sangat during Gurbani or kirtan. If nobody talks to you, so what. At least you’ve been sitting in physical sangat. It’s not necessary to be best friends with everybody, as Guruji is who you go for to the Gurdwara. They will give you the Hukamnama that’s meant for you and don’t worry about it being the right or wrong one for you.  You need to find God from within also. And work on the trust and relationship between you and Guruji, that’s what counts.  If you find that you are very uncomfortable, then go to another Gurdwara with different sangat or go at different times of the day or when there’s less sangat, then you will feel the change.           
    • Sikhi is khaneo tikhi, valo Niki. Unless there are instant results people become weak and expect Guru Sahib to work miracles in their favour. There is no easy answer it's a hard slog for everyone, until you reach the stage of sehaj and have complete control of senses and 5 chor. It's for the reasons you've outlined emphasis has been placed on increasing naam and performing Ardas. This is why Mahapurash perform immense  naam kamai to burn sanchit karams and thus form a close bond with Vaheguru Ji. Without this effort we have little chance of finding inner peace, the only other way is direct kirpa 'bin bhaga Satsang na labhai, bin Sangat mail bhareejai jeeo'.
    • Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh Congatulations, great work ! Can you add other translations like the ones on Srigranth.org for comparative study. Thanks n keep up the good work. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
    • I found this info on STTM    Khalis Foundation   @khalisfound   15 Mar 2017   Along with #STTM, we built Khajana, the technology that powers it and the next generation of Gurbani Apps. More info:(link: http://khajana.org) khajana.org   The BaniDB Alliance is a group of app developers and organizations that work together to create a single, accurate, digital source for all gurbani, transliterations and translations. Our goal is to serve all apps with an open API that is updated and corrected and provides a variety of options. http://www.banidb.com