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Why we should not gossip

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It states in Rehat that one should not gossip about others. It's interesting how much people spread rumours especially about Prophet Muhammed. Sometimes it's "He murdered the true prophet," or "He was indecent towards children" or "He got his ways by lying, murdering and cheating..." QUESTION! Were YOU present to witness all this? Is this written in the Quran or any other trustworthy historical scriptures? If yes PLEASE CORRECT ME IF AM WRONG! If not then, like all slanders, this too is heresay NO evidence. Many people laugh and quickly take this to be the truth! Just because they heard it/ hear what they wish to hear and believe it. 

Unfortunately I too have fallen prey to the whims of Nindia! "Sikhs" told me so much bull about other Sikhs that I believed it because, at the time, it seemed true. Today I realise it was 100% false accusations. When someone tells us something we think "Can that be true? How did they know? How on Earth can they figure it out?" But when it comes to nindia, we stop right in questioning and believe it! (If you question Nindia/ talk behind backs, congrats). 

NOW! How long was Muhammed? More than 1000 years ago? Ok, let's take a look at another nindia that's being done by so many people out there, that so many Giaani Ji's/ kathas and books talk about that they to correct a wrong.  The accusations are as follows; "Guru Gobind Singh Never cut any 5 human heads. They were heads of sheeps." On hearing that how do you feel? here's more that I read AND heard on radio discussion "Guru Gobind Singh committed suicide by jumping in a well on hearing the "death" of his 2 young sons and mother." HOW DO YOU FEEL!? DREADFUL? HOW DO YOU SUPPOSE MUSLIMS FEEL WHEN THEY HEAR ABOUT MUHAMMED IN A NEGATIVE LIGHT!? Yes am writing this here because I have heard it from Sikh individuals. 

Finally, if overtime Muhammed's been ridiculed in so many ways (more than 1000 years onwards), where do you suppose the stories of Dussa Paasha, Guru Gobind Singh would be? How many more lies and negativity be added to his name? How many people will hear accusations and nindia against our Guru Sahibs? IT'S ONLY BEEN 300 PLUS YEARS SINCE THE TIME OF KHALSA! WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE NEXT 700 YEARS? If we hate these accusations, hurt our feelings I fail to see why we do the same to others. 

Okay folks am off be sure to comment, correct my mistakes and feel free to prove me wrong.

Bhul chuck maaf. 











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