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singhbj singh

Bakti brings Vasakhi joy to only Sikh-run orphanage outside India

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    • Guest London jwaan
      Akalifauj, you tw*t........
    • Btw, you might be interested in this book. It's in regards to America, but could apply even more to Britain since the percentage of Muslims is so much higher: Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington by Paul Sperry The most sinister terrorists won't be sneaking through our borders from the Middle East. They're already here. This is the untold story about the silent, yet extremely dangerous threat from the Muslim establishment in America?an alarming exposé of how Muslims have for years been secretly infiltrating American society, government, and culture, pretending to be peace-loving and patriotic, while supporting violent jihad and working to turn America into an Islamic state. In this powder keg of a book, you'll learn: How radical Muslims have penetrated the U.S. military, the FBI, the Homeland Security Department, and even the White House?where subversive Muslims and Arabs have received top-secret clearance. How they've infiltrated the chaplains program in the federal and state prison systems?a top recruiting ground for al-Qaida. How they've successfully run influence operations against our political system with the help of both Democrats and Republicans, badgering corporate boards into Islamizing the workplace. How we've been utterly duped about what the Quran does and doesn't teach. Sadly, much of anti-Western terrorism is simply Islam in practice, the text of the Quran in action. In a time when religious and political leaders are scrambling to smooth over differences in faith and beliefs, this book gives the terrifying truth abaout the very real, very deadly agenda of Islam and how it has already infiltrated key American institutions with agents, spies, and subversives.  
    • I tried and failed to find any post by user @Commuterist that triggered the socialist party account. Do you have that?
    • First of all, that clash at the Akal Takhat keeps paying us negative dividends again and again. On the one hand, what was the big deal with letting Simranjit Singh Mann address the congregation? He had been doing it for a long time without issue. On the other hand, Mann's peeps did not have to riot, certainly not pulling out kirpans. (Or was that just the SGPC Task Force?)  Stupid. Secondly, it was not religious violence per se. I suppose it would have been if Sikhs and Hindus were going at it. It was a dispute about allowing someone to make a political speech. In that sense, the riots at Berkeley and Middlebury College to prevent speakers from speaking were Christian violence, no? Even if all (most) were Christians even if nominally, that doesn't make the violence Christian violence. 
    • Guest In awe
      Amazing to see His grace inspire satsangat to help our sister from the entrapment of maaya.  Thank you all for such beautiful  Gursikhi support at a time when it was needed. And thank you bhenji for listening to the conscience and not your mind. He is always listening, we just need to find the ears and eyes to recognise Him. Dhan Guru, Dhan Guru Piyare