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I am seeking advice from the Sangat on a dilemma that I am in. For the past four years I have been reading gurbani. I was raised in a Sikh (non-amritdhari) family. I am a Mona myself. After reading gurbani, and completing a sehaj paat, I have fell at the feet of Satguru. I am addicted to doing paat and listening to Katha. I have also been having thoughts of keeping my Kesh, to the point where I can not stop thinking about it. I don't feel like cutting my hair and I feel as though Kesh is the missing piece of my spiritual journey into Sikhi. 

I have been married for 7 years now, and I have discussed keeping my Kesh with my wife. She does not feel that I need to and that I can be spiritual without Kesh. She also says that I should wait until later in life. We have disagreed on this and I feel as though sat guru is giving me the jewel of Kesh. On the flip side, I'm not sure how it will affect my marriage. Guru Nanak Sahib Ji also said to live a gristi Jeevan. I'm just reaching out to see if any one else in the sangat has had similar issue and can relate, or offer some advice. 

Thank you, 

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Ask your wife to help u fulfill your dream. Also  do a trial run, start grpwing ur beard n hair and if it doesnt work out.  You can change ur mind and go back

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I'm unmarried; however, the advice I would say is that you should take baby steps. Start with wearing a turban, (Dumalla or Pagri), and focus on doing Paath and simran.

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Man up. Grow your kesh and dhari, this isn't your wife's choice. If she can stand in front of you and bare the brunt of yama's rod, if she will protect you from torture of jamdoots and if she can prevent your from going into chaurasi lakh joons then listen to her.

Brother when I first got married I realised that my wife wanted to go away from sikhi and enjoy what looks to be the finer side of life as well. It took a little guts and some rearranging of the way I view life. All these people you love, all these thing you hold dear, are worthless without repeating naam. I'm not saying ditch the wife and family, live in grist. But that doesn't mean you live outside of Maharajs hukam.

Tell your wife why your doing what your doing but don't give her a say in this. Say I'm worried about what God will say to me when I die. You won't be there to take the punishment for me. I could die tomorrow, that's how this world works. So if I give up a little of my "sundritha" and give up a little of my time to make God happy I hope that doesn't hurt your feelings, and I hope you will support me. End of story. Don't give anyone an option.

Go to the gurudwara sahib, and ask Maharaj for a hukamnama and advice as to what you should do.

Start doing your nitnem and do extra mala's of Gauri M: 5 Thir ghar Beso har jan piyaray so and pray that Maharaj gives you strenght and brings your wife onto the path of sikhi as well. 

I'm not ragging on all women when I say this, and this is less to the OP and more to the sangat in general, but this shtuff has to stop. Anyone who reads this don't let your daughter grow up to be another jazzy B loving retard. Teach your daughter that a sardar is the only option.Its our stupidity as parents that is causing our kaum to raise women who hate sikhi saroop. All of our people need to stop working so hard to buy houses and cars we can barely afford and more on spending time and raising our families.


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