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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

Question for the Raagi Gyanis and Ustaads: I am trying to differentiate between the main raag keertan styles.

In the big Gurdwaras, the tanti saaj Raagis sing in a sing-a-long fashion (repeating melody, rapid progress through the shabad). However there is another rarely heard style where the singing is very different: substantive vibrato/voice echo, slow progress- once verse may be chewed upon for a very long time with great emotion and improvisation. Listen to the following two clips which demonstrate this (Man Japoh Ram Gopal - 1 in 'sing-a-long' style and 2 in the 'slow tempo' style).

-Are there any names to describe these two types of vocalisation? Is it correct to say that the vocalisation of the latter is a genre such as Dhrupad?
-In simple terms what is the difference between the two? Do they have the same core basis?
-Can all ustaads teach the second type?

Sample 1-Raag Kanra- Man Japo Ram Gopal-Prof Surinder Singh.mp3

Sample 2-Raag Kanra- Man Japo Ram Gopal-Ustad Harbhajan Singh, Balwant Singh Namdhari..mp3

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I've been told that the latter slow tempo style is classical/dhrupad/semi-dhrupad but the question remains whether they have the same core basis and whether all ustaads can teach the second type?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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    • There’s also Midland Langar Seva Society.  https://m.facebook.com/midlandlangarsevasociety/photos/a.668996533124745.1073741827.668389663185432/1821071474583906/?type=3&source=48
    • This is what we do, I’ve donated clothes to Sikhligar before and was deciding yesterday again, as we have more. Why doesn’t your mother want you to donate to them ?   Do you have their number ? Call them and ask how things should be donated and any questions you may have.  http://www.britishsikhcounciluk.org/contacts.html If your mother wants to give them to your cousins, then that’s ok too. You may split them and give half to them and half to charity. 
    •  OP Sinner, not everybody has the company of sangat. I’ve never had the communication of physical sangat and that will probably be the case with many people. Being with the right sangat or within a sangat is a benefit, but if one doesn’t have that, then it should not change the love between you and Guruji.  Everybody is going to be different and it’s impossible to be the same all the time. You should participate in sangat during Gurbani or kirtan. If nobody talks to you, so what. At least you’ve been sitting in physical sangat. It’s not necessary to be best friends with everybody, as Guruji is who you go for to the Gurdwara. They will give you the Hukamnama that’s meant for you and don’t worry about it being the right or wrong one for you.  You need to find God from within also. And work on the trust and relationship between you and Guruji, that’s what counts.  If you find that you are very uncomfortable, then go to another Gurdwara with different sangat or go at different times of the day or when there’s less sangat, then you will feel the change.           
    • Sikhi is khaneo tikhi, valo Niki. Unless there are instant results people become weak and expect Guru Sahib to work miracles in their favour. There is no easy answer it's a hard slog for everyone, until you reach the stage of sehaj and have complete control of senses and 5 chor. It's for the reasons you've outlined emphasis has been placed on increasing naam and performing Ardas. This is why Mahapurash perform immense  naam kamai to burn sanchit karams and thus form a close bond with Vaheguru Ji. Without this effort we have little chance of finding inner peace, the only other way is direct kirpa 'bin bhaga Satsang na labhai, bin Sangat mail bhareejai jeeo'.
    • Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh Congatulations, great work ! Can you add other translations like the ones on Srigranth.org for comparative study. Thanks n keep up the good work. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh