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Huddersfield grooming gang 2 "sikhs"

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1 hour ago, genie said:

I wouldnt go as far as say say all or most Amritdhari's are that way I would say its opposite its a tiny percentage that give the rest a bad name usually because they are not Sikh inside they have just grown their hair long and beard put a pagh on and thought thats all it takes to be a Khalsa. A true Khalsa a true Sikh of the Guru is one whose behaviour and conduct that Guru Ji would be proud of not one that brings shame to the panth.

And as they say never judge a book by its cover, we just need to look at the likes of KPS Gill and other so called "Sikh" sardar punjab police officers past and present. Most of them are often wolfs in sheeps clothing trying to come across someone trustworthy and decent but often corrupt beyond belief.

I agree not all and not a majority ,but my point was that if you take sardar vs non-sardar then it has been my experience that a higher percentage of sardars hold sexist and other backward views than those without paghs , and I don't even think they are any more honest and decent in other matters.

The earlier messages however suggested they were surprised that the alleged perpetrators were amritdharis & my point was I was not. Of course they all SHOULD be warrior-saints & therefore of the utmost integrity &devoid of sexism ,casteism etc but that in my experience (here in the UK at least) if anything,those without turbans seem to get (a bit) closer to these ideals . So my point is that the fact that somebody from a Sikh background is wearing a turban is largely devoid of any meaning other than that they are from a nominally Sikh background and it is certainly not a sign that you can expect that person to behave better than anyone else in any aspect .

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    • Sister i have nothing against someone who removes hair for medical purposes but what about the people who still wear a kirpan and do sharaab and other things. Not all amritdharis are bad i know but the ones that are really create hate and dislike for the ones who are not.    Its the experinces i have had in real life that have made me label amritdharis as frauds fakes.   Its gonna hit fan the the videos i am gonna post.  
    • I could do japji sahib in about 6-7 mins
    • Are you sure ? I have see ladies and heard who have had threading and laser removal despite being amritdhari. No they don't cope fine.   Without mentioning anyone i know many amrtidhari people and trust me i have had a few experinces that are not nice when it came to money.   My fellow member i know i am the most hated and disliked user to exist on this site as of now. So why don't we have a vote system to see who hates me the most so then i will leave. Personally i have nothing against anyone on this site and i am glad that they gave me good advice being amritdhari or not i am very thankful for the time effort spent on me .   But the things i have seen in real life involving amritdhari people are very shocking to mention on here publicly. So thats why i label them in real life  Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. I will never insult my Guru Ji but i hope God exposes the false prophets that exist today in our society especially amritdharis gurdwara people as well
    • No need to look at just Mahapursh. Some of the bhindri taksal Singhs have really long Nitnem, barely finish before going to sleep. Bibeki Jatha Singhs daily read Panj Granthi in addition to Maryada prescribed bani.  Sant Attar Singh read 100 Japji Sahib daily, Sant Jarnail Singh I hear between 101 and 125 per day. For this you need to be reaching high speed or in surti to read additional paath. I knew a Singh who reads Sukhmani Sahib in 30 mins. Japji Sahib for relatively fast readers is 5 or 6 mins.
    • Is there a maryada for reading specific banian or are you referring to timings?