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Aithe sab angrezi tonn galla karde ne. Lagda lokki angrezi bolan bolan, maa boli bhul gye ne. Punjabi ki sirf INDIA ch bolan waste bnai si.? :p

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24 minutes ago, Guest AVTAR SINGH said:

Aithe sab angrezi tonn galla karde ne. Lagda lokki angrezi bolan bolan, maa boli bhul gye ne. Punjabi ki sirf INDIA ch bolan waste bnai si.? :p

lol. Ida hi hai paji. Angrezi tad bolde kio ke bharle mulauk da janam hai. Tusi angrezi bolde nai India ch, kio ke twada janam India da hai. Jis mulauk ch rende a, usnu maada nai bolna chaida. 

Asi ithe angrezi first language samajde kio ke school ch v te kam te vi te daily life ch ohi chaldi a. Twade othe Punjabi je Hindi chaldi a, first tusi kio nai angrezi bolde othe daily? 

Waise vi kehi members nu baut vadia Gurmukhi parni te likhni vi aundi a. Par kehan nu nai aundi, isliye angrezi boli jandi fer una nu vi samaj aave. Te maa boli di jo gal hoyi a, eh tha apni apni soch a ke bhuli a ke nai. Manu tha nai lagda bhuli a kise nu, sirf likan ch te samjon ch saukha a. 

Tusi samjan di koshish karo, te mehne na deo, sab ek platform te a, ehi a zaroori gal. 

Sabhna Vich Tu Vartada Saaha




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    • Brother, I think it's better to say "recorded" by so and so, not "written" by them. I believe the Sangat recited these dohras to memorialize prophecies/commandments by Guru Gobind Singh ji. And Sikh writers merely recorded what they recited. The reason I say this is there are people out (I'm talking about the SikhRI organization) there who are preaching that the Sangat just took to reciting these dohras because of Giani Gian Singh, thereby nullifying their significance. SikhRI is being discussed in this thread here.
    • Don't take this the wrong bro, but it's quite amazing you've "forgotten" it, since it's not some obscure "shabad". It's a set of dohras recited every day after ardas in every Gurdwara. You might not have been to a Gurdwara recently, but have you also not been to a relative's Sukhmani Sahib paath or kirtan, ever?
    • So Brexit was a devious scheme by the evil corporations to gut various laws?  The reality is the vast majority of those "evil corporations" were in favor of remaining in the EU. 2/3 of big corps wanted to stay in the EU. Only 2% favored a Brexit scenario.  
    • Well, bro, why don't you enlighten us. There is no per-post charge on this board. Go ahead and tell us the Real Truth. And where do you get your reality? Original research? You read all of Hansards, the Congressional Record and the Federal Register directly? You interview PM May and President Trump personally to get your news? Look, man, I agree that there are many areas of the news that are portrayed deceptively. Feel free to post your take. But that's not what you did. You said "Don't waste your time listening to all this rubbish. Just live your lives and do not care for all these false shows/manufactured topics. " To which I responded that these are real events that have real impacts on people's lives (including Sikhs). And you provided not a single specific response. And by the way, Balbir Singh Sodhi was a real person who really died. That's not a rubbish/false/manufactured topic. And the following victims of the Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting were real people who are really dead: Paramjit Kaur, 41; and five men: Satwant Singh Kaleka, 65, the founder of the gurdwara; Prakash Singh, 39, a Granthi; Sita Singh, 41; Ranjit Singh, 49; and Suveg Singh, 84. That's also not a rubbish/false/manufactured topic.
    • Sunny Hundal (brother of late great gursikh bhai jagraj singh ji) is doing better job than you these days, he tacking cdn media with whole current cdn sikh extremism narrative and is united with all sikhs-one voice against current onslaught conservative media with goi back drop influence and whilst you prefer keep fighting with fellow sikhs.  Come on dude, we can settle our old scores when we were both retired on park bench in bc while our grand kids play in the park, time to become one voice now. GOI trying to crave out divided another sikh body in canada besides wso to push their chapli water down version of sikhi and khalsa, and lets not let them and play into their hands.