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Sikh Youth Convention 2017

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    • Exactly. In this topsy turvy world people love a victim, especially if the "aggressor" is the Goliath compared to the smaller David in relative terms. 
    • If they aren't physically committing beadbi of Guru Sahib or attacking their Sikhs, we should leave them alone. Ram Raiyas, Hindaliahs, Dhir Malias, our own Guru Sahibaan were beset by heresies and schisms from almost the beginning of Sikhi, but the only course of action they ever took against these groups was to prohibit their Sikhs from associating with them.  Sikhs should understand better than anyone that persecuting a group only ever serves to strengthen it in the long run. Interfering with dera followers in the Punjab will only serve to make them more committed to their dehdari gurus. 
    • Hi paji, have you been tested for any health condition?  What methods did they give you help? Have you had CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).  If not, ask for it. Mool mantar is good, it's helped me too with it.  Do you do any relaxation exercises? Have you tried the Jacobson's Muscle relaxation? I'll put a link on for you.  The voices and noises you hear, I'm sorry I'm not qualified to advise on that. When are you hearing these noises? But you need to go back to your doctor.  Are you in any stressful situation? The doctors should have asked you all this.   You need to see a specialist and that's through your doctor. The thing is we can't diagnose what the cause is, only the professionals can. But you've mentioned you stay inside all day. That's not healthy for you, you need fresh air, oxygen. Do you study? What do you do all day?  Are you eating properly? Have you had your blood tests done? Is anything deficient?  Also, something that may help you with the anxiety side is Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam. It helped me, try the shabads and do your Ardas to Waheguru to help you. If you can attend a camp. I'm putting on their website too, so you can see their updates or if there's any camps near you.  
    • What is the benefit in a title, if it doesn't improve you? If you ask whether your Sikh or not, the answer is whether you are trying to follow Sikhi or not, (I'm not talking about Kesh, meat, or drinking), but whether you learn from what Guru Sahib has actually said.
    • Guru Sahib doesn't have caste,(he is the light of Vaheguru), but if you are talking about the physical body of the Gurus, then none of the Gurus historically that had married, married outside of the Ksychatria varna. But despite that I really would like you to read what was said in a previous topic, to understand that the Anand Karajs were not caste-based, but rather based on the system of Gurmat, (Guru Sahib didn't just marry any Ksychatrias, but rather spiritually elite beings).