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singhbj singh

Turbans and Trust: Breaking down cultural barriers on Harmony Day

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    • ek mittee kee moortiyaan banaane vaala (kumhaar) eeshvar se kahata hai....._ ⚘_"he prabhu too bhee ek kalaakaar hai aur main bhee ek kalaakaar hoon,_ ⚘_toone mujh jaise asankhy putale banaakar is dharatee par bheje hain,_ ⚘_aur mainne tere asankhy putale bana kar is gharatee par beche hain._ ⚘_par eeshvar us samay badee sharm aatee hai, jab tere banaaye hue putale aapas mein ladate hain_, ⚘_aur mere banaaye hue putalon ke saamane log sheesh jhukaate hain"_.. 🙏🙏 *dhyaan se padhe kitana bada sach hai.*
    • Guest Haridas
      by this reasoning no country exists in the world, or ever existed.  you idea of 'until 1947' is plainly absurd. The word 'Indus' may be of Grecian origin, but it was 1) probably based on an indian word 2)the greeks were intelligent people, i think they knew how to delineate between one country and another. if it never existed, how did Greeks and Arabs manage to refer to it in their texts?
    • Guest Haridas
      hi sorry i wrote the above message, i put your username instead of mine as the name by mistake
    • Guest gupt
      are you on medication also?  this could be a reason. (naturally I would encourage you not to drink, especially more so if it is having this effect)
    • I don't think bana is necessary. When I went to my amrit sanchar, I was the only person wearing a bana excluding the panj pyare, the rest wore kurta pajama. They will ask you to take off your pajama though.