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    • the murder case and rape cases have still not been actioned its been 4 years plus, just defer defer defer the picture- everyone is calm not angry/scared  maybe media just making a storm in a teacup? there have been other directly related cases of rape and abuse ...any woman or girl is our sister daughter so our problem just as all guys who are being attacked and hoodwinked by this S- for brains man into cutting off their manhood to achieve mukhti are my sons and brothers. what was the nature of the 'disruption' nothing said just repetition of the same phrase across the Hindian Media Why should we tolerate new people being swindled do we not owe care to our fellow citizens knowing what we do ? JUst because he uses the phrase naam charcha , does it mean the same as you assume ? he called his mockery of Guru Pita ji his initiation ceremony too ...
    • Did you read my analysis above? It is patent that the Sikhs were invading the Sirsa followers space. That is not a "legitimate protest". Again, a legitimate protest is standing outside the venue raising slogans, holding signs, distributing leaflets, talking to people, etc. But your own reference, by the "Sikh News Express", by, I assume, a pro-Sikh outlet, says: "Some Sikhs had barged into the venue where the dera followers were holding a congregation in Marouri on July 23 and had disrupted their proceedings by brandishing swords." How is that a "legitimate protest"? Would it be OK for Muslims to disrupt katha of Guru Nanak Dev ji's visit to Mecca by brandishing AK-47s? It should go without saying that the minor children should not have been arrested (or taken part in the invasion of the Sirsa meeting, either). That does not excuse the invasion itself.
    • When you said the Sirsa baba had made 400 Sikh youth into eunuchs, it sounded something like he was scooping up young Amritdhari Singhs into unlabeled white vans and chopping off their parts, and dropping them off in the streets. The article actually references Sirsa followers who were told to become eunuchs on the orders of the Baba. Now I don't endorse chopping off either your hair or your parts, but people are free to do what they want to do. We do not own people, and cannot prevent them from doing stupid things. In any case, the courts are taking up a case against the Sirsa dera regarding this, so why do Sikhs need to disrupt Naam Charcha meetings for? Did you notice the article says "Court rejects Sirsa dera chief’s plea for joint hearing in rape, murder cases"? Meaning the court gave a rejection to the Sirsa chief. Which means the courts are moving against the scum. So why do Sikhs need to disrupt the Naam Charcha meeting? The article says "Four booked in Sirsa for raping minor sisters". It doesn't say "four released", or "four rapists totally ignored." Secondly, while the two girls went to the Sirsa dera for "satsang", the article does not say they were raped in the dera, just a village inside Sirsa district. For example, "Amritsar" is the name of both a place (the Amrit Sarovar), and a city, and a district. A girl who went to Amritsar for darshan, and then was raped in a village of Amritsar district would not make the President of the SGPC responsible. Again, the four were booked, so why do Sikhs need to disrupt a Naam Charcha meeting, and how does it advance the rape prosecution of these lowlifes? Another article about an ongoing case against the Dera chief. So why do Sikhs need to disrupt a Naam Charcha meeting, and how does it advance the rape prosecution of this lowlifes?
    • Yes stop writing stupid things when he's wrote something good.  Onebeing paji and you Parmjit paji listen to this shabad:  ਸੋ ਸਤਿਗੁਰੁ ਪਿਆਰਾ ਮੇਰੈ ਨਾਲਿ ਹੈ ਜਿਥੈ ਕਿਥੈ ਮੈਨੋ ਲਏ ਛਡਾਈ ॥ 
      सो सतिगुरु पिआरा मेरै नालि है जिथै किथै मैनो लए छडाई ॥ 
      So saṯgur pi▫ārā merai nāl hai jithai kithai maino la▫e cẖẖadā▫ī. 
      That Beloved True Guru is with me and gets me delivered wherever I may be.  SGGS ji Ang 588 🙏🏻 Waheguru      This is my last reply. 
    • I feel sad for your'e condition ca'nt write much to help you. i feels for you my friend if you go to consult doctors what they say? he bees rude to me first just like he bees rude to everyone hear i feels sorry for you