Am I the only one who feels so uneasy at the way things are now ..

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State govt of maharashtr allocates 3600 crore rupees to build a memorial of shivaji , their god (who ironically doesn't have a temple, unlike other actual dieties of hindus) . His old forts are being repaired by allocation of hundreds of crores of rupees. RSS and hindutva does love this warrior king WAY TOO MUCH for too reasons 

1) He was hindu king who fought mughals and other muslims , and most importantly,

2) He didn't challenge existing brahmin supremacy and rather appointed 8 brahmin heads in his council of ministers and called it "asht pradhan" (eight cardinals).

No wonder everyone loves him so much here and more than god . But brahmins still won't allow a temple be built in his name. They just used him and his ignorance of religion to usurp power.

Meanwhile, same maharashtr govt made changes to hazur sahib act so that the president of Hazur sahib would be directly appointed by the govt and not the board . They appointed a "sikh" MLA as new president of hazur sahib who wears tilak on his forehead and worships hindu gods. How could we have allowed this to happen right under our noses is BAFFLING !

Rather we welcomed his appointment with open arms and felicitated him . What has happened to our sikhs ? 


There's definitely a maratha revivalism happening right under our noses right since BJP came to power in 2014 in center and also current maharashtr govt is BJP ruled headed by brahmin chief minister. Marathas agitate for reservation but looks like CM (brahmin) isn't giving them any , but just pretense that he will .

It is obvious even at superficial observation of things that brahmans just want to use maratha warrior clan to their own benefit . 

I am now wondering the ways these evil people have been manipulating "apney" in punjab (badals) . 

As our own state punjab is in disarray like never and our kaum is confused and lost like never, while the ones we thought as our brothers have now come to back stab us , I feel very uneasy 

Does anyone else here getting my thought process ?

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if it is making you that uneasy, go do some chaupai Sahib/japji sahib deh jaap and do ardas benti. Read some chandi di vaar to gain the power to accept and fight when needed.


the best way to tackle the current situation is seriously just to do naam-jaap and know of shastar vidya.

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These are issues we can not solve, at the best you can do is listen to @Khalistanisinghni. The only way is if someone were to unite the Panth to tackle these issues together.

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Who cares if they make a giant image of him. Im sure there was money spent on other freedom fighters such as Bhagat Singh, but since you are most likely not Marathi, then you will not understand why they feel a connection to him. Im not against it or supporting it :hairan:

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    • Brother, you seem like a man who knows the score and can hazard a guess at the situation in the future by extrapolating current trends if they continue to develop unhindered. I have a question: where do you see the social and political landscape in Britain by 2099 if the Islamic question is not confronted? Will we sleepwalk into a country with a powerful Islamic coterie able to dominate political, economic, legal, and social circles? And what will such a scenario mean for non-Muslim minorities?
    • Here's a summary of this video: Tommy Robinson reports about the Manchester attack for the Alex Jones Show. Alex Jones reports on Pres. Macron of France saying terror attacks must be accepted as a part of life. Mayor Sadiq Khan of London says the same (it's "part and parcel" of living in a big city), and that he'll set up safe zones.  EU destroys internal and external borders, and brings in the Islamicists. Alex Jones says they're taking away British rights, whether they are Sikh British, xyz British, abc British (Interesting he mentions Sikhs first.) Tommy Robinson surveys the Islamophilic policies of the Government (Rotterham, etc.). What's it going to take for the Govt. to do something? 
      The Mayor of Greater Manchester works with Islamic radicals.
    • Most Sikhs are Sikhs-In-Name-Only, in fact most people of any religion have become in-name-only. Let's stop pretending the entire Panth has a moral background, some so-called "sikhs", have become so morally weak that I'd say Non-Sikhs have become more moral then them. It may be true that we are the best, but any so-called, "sikhs", are worse than even the worst of the worst, and are worse scum that you will meet anywhere.
    • I don't know if there are many situations, but you can tell who follows the Jatha of theit choice to the extreme, at least in the past, people would at least pretend to like each other, now they aren't even pretending.
    • There is something seriously wrong with the title of this thread.  A human death is never good. What kind of person are you that thinks its great news. You must have an evil mind and heart to think like this.    If people commit crimes they will be punished for them. In a lawful and just way. I am all bringing back hanging for people who commit bad crimes. But celebrating a murder.    may you enlightened youg one with a distorted mind.