Am I the only one who feels so uneasy at the way things are now ..

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State govt of maharashtr allocates 3600 crore rupees to build a memorial of shivaji , their god (who ironically doesn't have a temple, unlike other actual dieties of hindus) . His old forts are being repaired by allocation of hundreds of crores of rupees. RSS and hindutva does love this warrior king WAY TOO MUCH for too reasons 

1) He was hindu king who fought mughals and other muslims , and most importantly,

2) He didn't challenge existing brahmin supremacy and rather appointed 8 brahmin heads in his council of ministers and called it "asht pradhan" (eight cardinals).

No wonder everyone loves him so much here and more than god . But brahmins still won't allow a temple be built in his name. They just used him and his ignorance of religion to usurp power.

Meanwhile, same maharashtr govt made changes to hazur sahib act so that the president of Hazur sahib would be directly appointed by the govt and not the board . They appointed a "sikh" MLA as new president of hazur sahib who wears tilak on his forehead and worships hindu gods. How could we have allowed this to happen right under our noses is BAFFLING !

Rather we welcomed his appointment with open arms and felicitated him . What has happened to our sikhs ? 


There's definitely a maratha revivalism happening right under our noses right since BJP came to power in 2014 in center and also current maharashtr govt is BJP ruled headed by brahmin chief minister. Marathas agitate for reservation but looks like CM (brahmin) isn't giving them any , but just pretense that he will .

It is obvious even at superficial observation of things that brahmans just want to use maratha warrior clan to their own benefit . 

I am now wondering the ways these evil people have been manipulating "apney" in punjab (badals) . 

As our own state punjab is in disarray like never and our kaum is confused and lost like never, while the ones we thought as our brothers have now come to back stab us , I feel very uneasy 

Does anyone else here getting my thought process ?

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if it is making you that uneasy, go do some chaupai Sahib/japji sahib deh jaap and do ardas benti. Read some chandi di vaar to gain the power to accept and fight when needed.


the best way to tackle the current situation is seriously just to do naam-jaap and know of shastar vidya.

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These are issues we can not solve, at the best you can do is listen to @Khalistanisinghni. The only way is if someone were to unite the Panth to tackle these issues together.

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Who cares if they make a giant image of him. Im sure there was money spent on other freedom fighters such as Bhagat Singh, but since you are most likely not Marathi, then you will not understand why they feel a connection to him. Im not against it or supporting it :hairan:

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    • Problem now is that the real facists now call themselves anti-fascists.  You are nice guy Sukh but I feel that you are quite naive.  You need to look at where the violence is coming from and who is shutting down free speech. Ironically it is likes of Tommy Robinson who is on the receiving end of the quote you have mentioned above. If you have a chance please see this link, it may explain what may have happened to you:  
    • Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa
      Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh, ji Lol, I was talking about the guru gayatri mantra that is in JAAP SAHIB (Gobinday Mukunday Udaaray Apaaray Hariang Kariang Nirnamay Akamay). Not the vedic om bhur bavaha swaha one. Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh
    • Try to analyze and smajaa ur mind. Like why do you like her mind? Is it because shes pretty? Well beauty fades and we all become old and ugly. So beauty is just a trap and mind u should be ashamed to have fallen for such a simple trick of maya. As that beauty is really just skin, bones, hair, blood, and guts arranged in a certain way to trick us. And if we really must admire beauty, why not admire the one who designed the beautiful mountains, streams, rivers, which have no parallel. The beautiful One from which all creation comes from, Waheguru Is it because of her good qualities? Then love the qualities not the person they adorn. Try to adopt those good qualities yourself. Because God is the source, he is all Goodness, so all good qualities flow from him. So imagine how beautiful, how Good waheguru is! The one who created all the goodness in the world.only he is worthy of falling in love. As that love will purify us and make us as Great, Good, and beautiful as waheguru is.  Is it because she is amritdhari? In that case thank the guru who accepted all of us mere humans and made us singhs and kaurs. He trusted us to be the best khalsa, to not be like other mere humans, engrossed in worldly things. Instead compete with the girl for the gurus affection. If she wears a dastaar, you wear a dumalla. Is she does nitnem, u do nitnem plus simran. If she wakes up at 4am, u wake up at 3am. You know ur mind is engrossed in thinking of her, use that to make urself a better sikh. Start working out, do more paath and simran. Do ardaas to guruji to make you a true sikh, who gets over this crush.
    • Also will you be able to say No to the American and wat explanation will you give? And will you be able to forget him completely,  if married to the other guy? Also to make a hard choice, you should  write down the pros and cons of each choice . Then say if i remove all the cons of the Canadian guy, like if he took amrit, will that convince me? If not, then it means ur heart is already set on the other. Also if the american moved to canada, will that be enough to convince you he's the one without a doubt? If not, then maybe consider the other person   
    • When we become too relaxed, we fall asleep. If we have been sitting down too long. Blood starts collecting in our legs and doesnt flow as fasr, so we dont get enough oxygen. So move around. Maybe do mool mantar standing up with folded hands, like an ardaas, begging for darshan. Most importantly, concentrate on the meanings. Also u can try to do simran in bir asan position that the panj pyare take. Or after like 15 mins. Do 5 jumping jacks, then sit down and start doin simran again. Also try to put some emotion into it, like I am calling out to God, who is my beloved, and I have been forcefully seperated from him. And without my origin, i am dry and worthless. And whats even worse, in maya i have forgotten who God is, and that I was seperated from him.  You can also try to do simran loudly. Also try to say waheguru with each breath.  Also keep switching positions or ways of doing simran, so u dont fall asleep