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Summer Internship for students at Gurdwara Sahib

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Summer Intern Program

It is important that youth have an opportunity to experiences job opportunities and at the same time get to know an organization like the Khalsa Diwan Society New Westminster and the many different facets of the organization.

Since 2012, the Gurdwara Sahib has been employing paid youth during the Summer months from May to August. These youth had been conducting various projects and events such as:

Environmental Programs

Seniors Educational Programs

Youth Programs

Workshops and Seminars for the family

The experiences and skills learned by Students during the Internship program has been immense and together the Society has been able to fulfill its mandate of providing programs and services for Youth, Seniors and Families.

Internship details are posted in March of each year and the requirement is that the student still be in full time education during the Internship.

More details can be found by emailing us at info@sukhsagar.ca

Source - http://www.sukhsagar.ca/projects/summer-intern/


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    • In urdu we also use 'Mauze' so i doubt if it is hindi word.It sounds like a persian one.Indians have problem prouncing words which end with sound 'z'.Just like Mumtaz Mehal became Mumtaj Mehal and now just Taj Mehal.
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    • it's my fault, i should have phrased things a bit better. Basically based on the data he gathered same sex couples are more likely to settle into a routine and are less likely to do things out of said routine (such as cheating, which according to the data he gathered was surprisingly low compared to straight couples). By similar attributes I mean people like them in terms of personality and taste. In straight couples you can usually note a sort of polarity in the way they behave and their personalities.  Again this is based on one study, nothing official or on a large scale really.