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Guru Granth Sahib Ji English Translation: Text File

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MisterrSingh    2,805

Does anyone have access to the Sant Singh Khalsa translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in text file format? Not pdf, doc, or anything else; just in .txt. 

I understand it is available, because a few of the major Gurbani apps use it as the source for their texts.

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    • no i meant the original line up muslim, jew, christian .... i think hindu and sikh views will diverge very very quickly after ongkara since we don't deal with mythologies like the churning of the seas , ganga's arrival on the earth etc
    • don't worry i get it , my Gs look like modified 8s apparently  maths just seeps into subconcious
    • Enough respect to Sikh Youth UK and even to Tommy as he might not be a Sikh, but at least he doing more than most so called 'sikhs' in the war against grooming gangs and a religion who has always wanted to finish us from the days of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. To all the jokers who are saying Sikh Youth and Tommy are the bad ones, then ask those girls whether Sikh or not how they feel after being abused by suleh? ask their families? Ask those families who have lost their daughters after they been brainwashed and legged it with suleh? Ask those apneh mundeh who been attacked by massive groups of suleh in schools, colleges, unis etc? Ask those who have had family members killed by suleh? F*ck your liberal <banned word filter activated>, this is the real world and on street level and reality suleh are and have been doing this <banned word filter activated> in the UK for at least 30 odd years, if not more. I can see problem now developing in Canada (its a fantasy apneh run Canada, they too busy fighting amongst themselves), somalian gangs in vancouver, afghans in toronto, suleh in Calgary are already grooming Sikh girls, in the USA this issue is happening now too. Its time to wake up, we has a nation are already 30 years to late, our own people slated the original Shere Punjab and yet what them mans told the world in the late 80's/early 90s is now being accepted by the world. Wake up, warn and educate yourselves, your family and friends about the dangers of the suleh we are surrounded by.
    • you can say Diwali or Bandhi Chod Divas. Both are acceptable   watch this  
    • Iv asked you to show me it from 18/19th century sources. I'm sure you can mange that, I've not made any assertations here about what Sikhi promotes, you have so back it up. You whine  about wanting evidence from others so follow your own wants, I wait with eager breath of your your sources, your own hand drawn translations abd so on.   How would you know what it promotes. You can't even read the source material so who told you it did? 😂