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    • Since 1960s when British Asians first came to the UK in large numbers they have had to struggle to make life for themselves from scratch in a not so welcoming alien land. And we have seen 2001 and especially since 2012 there has been open season especially in the right wing racist white mainstream media outlets  demonising against British Asian males when they talk about issues around muslim grooming pedo gangs. Rather than call a spade a space the white racist mainstream media targeted the asian race and skin colour of these pedo' gangs. Rather than call out Islam and muslim culture for creating an environment where these pakistani, middle eastern arab and Somalian scumbags felt its ok to use and abuse non-muslim girls for their own gains the politically incorrect white racist mainstream media called out the asian race in an open racist attack on the asian male identity on your race which you can do nothing about. And when you look at Sikh youth birmingham's pages on facebook and instagram theres hardly no parchar about Sikhi or positive messages for lost sheep to return to sikhi but its full of muslim pedo articles and stupidly they also share racist white articles written by sly white racist journalists mainstream media which attacks asian males openly. If anywhere in the world the race label of the gangs was used it would be obviously be deemed a racist article yet our m0ronic british asians are not calling dailymail or sky news amoung others out they are letting them get away with racist propaganda against asian males when the real culprits the muslim males who should have been targeted and called out. It seems people behnd Sikh youth birmingham are not clever enough to realise that they are unwittingly in my view helping spread racist white hate propaganda against their own community cos the average white subconsciously is not going to see the religion of the person when they look at a brown/asian male they are going to link the skin colour the asian features to these grooming pedo gangs and terrorism.
    • Ur doing so good and only 16. If I look back at myself when I was 16 I didn’t even know anything about sikhi in true terms.. nothing at all.. don’t be disheartened whatever ur going thru it’s also a part of tests (parikhya) that a true Gursikh has to pass and you will pass for sure coz u have that love and devotion.. and whatever mrdoaba has mentioned is right. Trip to India and spending some time with Gursikhs or nihangs would be useful but u can do that there as well.. I don’t know which country ur from but I’m sure u would find some true gursikhs there as well.. just don’t give up.. 
    • Thank you so much for your wonderful reply veer ji. I cannot say how thankful i am for you. I wil try my best to follow your advice. No i will not be going alone to india. I am going with my nanne.
    • I talked to someone about these lines and he told me some things about it.. but he didn’t send me the path that has these lines.. basically he said It’s ok if we keep doing the path without those lines..