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    • Its terrible what you have been through. You are right nobody preaches what they say. I even got a warning post cos of my advice of russian roulete but anyway nobody liked it. If the people/person who reported it was suffering i am sure they would have done russian roulte themseleves.   From my time spent on here i would say do ardas and take a personal hukamnama from Guru Granth Sahib Ji and see what happens.   Even if you do divorce you are gonna lose 50% of everything you have money etc. And became broke money wise.   So think carefully and go to a marriage counciler.
    • Yes Islam is just a plagerised religion of Judasim.  And christianity is nothing but a fairy tale. So many contradictions. Even Chrstians themselves dont belive in their own fait. That is why hardly go to church. Many are agnostic and know their faith is false.  They try and make it so it looks very authentic. Such having the date -BC - before christ ect. To make it enshrined in the timeline of earth and confuse people.  If we look further. Christianity was started in the 1st century. So it is precisly 2000 years old.  It is nothing but a fairy tale. Jesus was not son of god and there was no virgin mary or birth.  Its a big LIE.         
    • Let just say it was a trip I would like to forget. Managed to get a decent hotel but it was quite far out. That would not have been an issue normally. But becuase of the heavey snowfall. Getting around was very difficult as most tranaports were closed due to slippery roads.  It was a lesson learned though for next time. 
    • I made a similar thread about the Dehli air quality. But anyone know if Punjab is also affected? I am reading alot about the current Dehli pollution issue. But not much on the Punjab . Is the Bad air quality also effecting parts of Punjab.  I say this as I maybe travelling to India soon. So was thinking of staying in Punjab instead of Dehli to avoid the worst of the pollution in that region.  Areas In punjab I am likely to stay are Amritsar and Patiala.