Could you name 10 Sikhs in the west that did something for Sikhi?

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10 People from the west!!!

Gurinder Singh Maan - Research on history and the Anglo Sikh exhibition brining knowledge of the Sikh wars to the Public

Opinderjit Kaur Thakker - Great reasearcher and scholar

Harjinder Singh Lallie - Great scholar and brining Kirtan to the Public in Tanti Saaz

Jugraj Singh - Brought Sikhism into the public and showed his knowledge through interfaith debates

Sukhjeevan Singh - Young Katha vachik who has been able to perform Katha at the Takhats

Ravi Singh - Khalsa Aid (no need to say more)

Harjit Singh Saajan - Raised the profile of a Sikh through politics.

Tirath Singh Nirmala ( John Clyde Evans) - Written some of the deepest works on Sikh Panentheism in English

Baljinder Kaur (Wolverhampton/Leicester) - An amazing artist who promotes Sikh themes. her work ois worth collecting

Sukha Singh - Personally I learn so much from this man and he is a vidvaan who will propel Sikhism in the west


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On ‎3‎/‎21‎/‎2017 at 5:05 AM, JUSTAJATT said:

It seems that you are just convincing yourself with some reasons to hide your own inner weakness and insecurity. >>> to that say,>>Whatever it takes for you to keep your conscience clear!!!

I'm not going to waste my personal "UP" energies from recent morning nitnem, but all I can say is that I have learned to expose and confront my own weaknesses over the last few years. I'm getting better and better every day. Today I'm a better Sikh than yesterday and tomorrow morning, when I get up for nitnem, I want to be better than today. >>> So, I honestly have no desire to argue with your narrow minded arguments and your misinformed slating of yoga.

I'm lucky to have one or two high avastha gurmukh friends that have really helped straighten my dogtail(kuthay dee pooch) out.  One of them told me that I've got to make repeated efforts to improve, day by day and every day. Gurbani says that a dogtail can never be straightened which means you have to keep repeating and repeating the process every day. You straighten it out, but then it bends back again.   He said the key to working on my kuthay dee pooch is to first, stop CHASING the damned tail.   So,>>you know when you keep singing the same argument, time and time again about how bad flanna jatha is and how much beadbi this jatha does and that..>>>you gotta  stop all that>> cuz you are just singing the same song over again and again, like chasing the tail again and again. INSTEAD, you've gotta put energy into straightening the tail, because a short while later the damned thing bends back.

I hope you see what I'm saying. I don't mean no disrespect phenji but it's just that your understanding is misinformed and narrow minded because yoga is huge topic at all levels of perception.  Saying that, gurbani makes it clear that it's all a game of the mind, and whatever it takes for you to grab and control the mind to put it towards guru, then you should do it.   If Bhagat dhana could sit with a stone as centre, to put his mind on akaal purakh, then why can't us moorakhs put it on waheguru, using breath as centre???  >>well, we can. This is saas giraas and saas saas simran which are actually taken from Patanjali yoga and many references by Bhagat Kabir ji and Namdev are referencing raj/patanjali yoga. To understand that, i first had to understand why we had techniques like saas giraas and saas saas. This is how my real journey started and then the treasures that hide behind the veils, began to reveal themselves..  slowly and slowly, holleee hollee, one by one, the revelations came and lead me to take amrit. Therefore, I can never slate the gurmukh friends that helped guide me and all the varieties of Sikhs that inspired me. and Yes, a lot of chardikala jathas kirtan and many 3ho meditation videos were inspiring and are ingredients in the outcome of gurus blessing for me>>> which is probably why I get a little offended when people start slating any jatha as a whole.

Again, no offence and I'm not singling you out cuz you are quite intelligent and have very respectable views imo. I have learned and taken a lot of giaan from some of your posts. Us learning Sikhs have to continue this process of learning, re-learning and correcting ourselves with the help of others until our last breaths at anth-kaal. So lets make some effort for tomorrows amrit vela to keep increasing in power than todays.


@JUSTAJATT My dear friend. I'm glad you've started to take the spiritual side seriously. I can tell  you've climbed up a few notches and the Akath katha gyan is beginning to pour in.

Good man!.... keep it up!

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