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    • I just wanted to make a quick point because Sant jarnail Singh khalsa bhindranwale is not shaheed he is in chardi Kala this was uttered by Mahapurakh Sant baba thakur singh Jee who was a complete soul and gurmukh
    • the fact that he was given an offer of one arb Dollars and guaranteed citizenship of ANY nation along with any or all of his folks if he  would only vacate and leave Harmandir Sahib complex to the army i.e. to let them do what they will ...this offer was delivered by soldiers and every single one decided to stay with Sant ji when he refused the offer ...this was explained in the dusht Brar's book so must be true as why would he do Sant ji any favours? Sant Kartar SIngh ji Bhindrawale knew what was to happen and would have made his proteges all strong in parchaar and told them to take hosh as well as josh path 
    • Who else agrees that the Gurmukhi encoded script is in desperate need of work? By work I mean proper encoding of the script for web use. Working on various fonts and having a standard font system et al. I see Arabic/Devanagari done so well, but of course their populations exceed ours. However, even Hebrew has been done so well.

      I thank the Sikhs and Unicode who have initially encoded the Gurmukhi script, but I personally think we need to develop it further with different styles and expressing it through various forms if we want to keep it alive. I guess tackling this issue will involve some cleaning up of the alphabets themselves (why have the alphabets become so rounded?) - we can do this by taking some inspiration from Sharada/Lahnda (parent systems from which Gurmukhi has evolved from) and also Devanagari. Also the sehari/behari placement needs designation as well, its all over the place from all the fonts I've seen. We would also need to designate a font for several writing styles e.g., cursive, standard header, body text, calligraphic - because we clearly have no output for Gurmukhi at the present moment in the mentioned styles.  If there are any computer programmers and designers among us, I'm willing to join in and help develop new fonts/styles for the Gurmukhi script.
    • The analogy is so true! Great introspection man.