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Guest Toby

Travelling in India - Gurudwara langars

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Hi guys,

I'm going to India later this month, and would really like to go to a Gurudwara and have langar. I've got a few questions though. I know that it is meant for needy people that cannot afford a meal. I'm a western man and could afford to pay for a meal. Is it culturally insensitive for me to come along? That's the opposite of what I want to do as I thought it would be a great cultural experience. Is there somewhere that I can donate in the Gurudwara to help?

Thanks for any advice,


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Might sound like one of those super fatties you see eating the Langar, you know the ones who do nothing else except munch on food and gossip but here goes.

Definitely try the Langar at Harmandir Sahib, had the honour of visiting Nanaksar too and the Langar there was amazing (this was when I was a kid though) and Patasi are just to die for.

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    • And who decides, the parameters of what educated, independent thinking is.. We seem to have a big problem with accepting free thinking on this forum never mind on a structural state level  Are we suggesting theocratic rule like Saudi Arabian, Iran model? 
    • But therein lies the rub.. The desire to create a homogeneous 'panthic community' means becoming like any other panth..  Surely as the activity of khalsa aid demonstrate that if we go back to sikhi roots and be selfless then the philosophy of bani stops being a abstract concept and something tangible..  If we don't aspire as individuals to truly accept 1 onkaar and don't challenge ourselves to destroy our desire to create a example of pure love no ifs no buts then surely we have already compromised? 
    • Prashaad is blessed and should not be wasted. If, whilst serving, it drops on the floor, it should be picked up and eaten. It should not be wasted.    You know for next time to maybe double wrap the prashad, or give it to the sangat and let them put it in the bag themselves. 
    • I don't think so. It is good we are focusing on 'panthic' issues, because Sarbat Da Bhalla will automatically follow from the strength and unity of the Sikh Qaum.  A powerful, cohesive Sikh Panth is the best thing for the future of the world in my opinion. Once we are in a position to carry Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Jot to all four corners of the Earth, once our religion becomes as well known as Christianity or Islam, I do believe the oppressed peoples of the world - women, the poor, lower orders/castes, victimized minority groups - will flock to it because they will see it is clearly superior to Islam/Hinduism/western neoliberalism, the ideologies which keep them in chains.  Sikhi is the only major world religion which was founded on the premise of overturning tyranny and social injustice, which is why I think Sikhi speaks to the soul of the Modern Age better than crusty relics like Christianity, Islam and especially Bahmanism ever could or ever will again.  Sarbat Da Bhalla will come easily once we complete the monumental task of getting our internal affairs in order.