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A common thing which genuinely arises when its summer is how can Amritdhari girls who have their head covered and do not remove hair look pretty?

I know a lot of the sangat is going to say we don't need to look pretty etc but being a girl - it is important to look good.

I have many Sikh friends and I've noticed a lot of them feel the same way ...

I remember reading somewhere that when looking pretty hair generally play a big role but many amritdhari girls cover their head (maybe dastar or patka)

we don't shape our eyebrows or wear makeup

Don't misunderstand me and think I am complaining, this is all good stuff that we do

but the question is, what can we do to kind of replace those things and make ourselves feel that we are also looking pretty too.


I don't know how much of this is making sense, I thought it was just me but talking to friends ive noticed it is something that goes on in many amritdhari girls minds.


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look at it this way , what kind of girls have zero/minimal hair on their armpits , legs and bikini area ...pre-pubescent girls i.e. underage girls ...do you want to look like that and what kind of males will you attract ? Those who find that look/feel appealing i.e. suspect 

Why not do what many of our brothers do and tie more beautiful dastars , elaborate in line , multicolours, make it about your crown not your face . Clothing can be lighterweight but well-cut, simple yet memorable , revive pride in punjabi rav pyjama you don't have to have your legs out to be fashionable these days .

you can be well groomed despite the lack of makeup , comb your eyebrows, smooth them with fingertips you don't need to pluck to look sleek, moisturize your skin, eat loads of fresh fruit to get beautiful skin and drink loads of water so you eliminate breakouts , it's not that hard. Your lips and cheeks will have their own internal rosiness skip the blush. exercise daily and your yes will sparkle and you'll an air of confidence from knowing you are Guru Pita ji's beloved daughter.


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this is wrong as she is ashamed of being different , her fanbase is mainly muslim hijabi girls


and here's an illustration of how regal and cool Kaurs can look against the sparrows following dunyiva trends to diminish them.



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Guest Jacfsing2

Beauty is not defined by what you do, but how you do it. An example is some people put on excess of make-up and they end-up looking like clowns from circus, even when their goal was to be atttactive. Another example in reverse is a Kaur, (daughter of her father Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji), wears a dastar, she has no intention of making herself beautiful to worldly standards, but is beautiful anyway.

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