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Hi everyone, need some help.

We are planning to akhand path done at our home. But this would be first time, so I don't know much about it. Not about the path, that would be taken care by pathis, but other preparations and requirements for taking care of langar and sangat. 

If somebody experienced can give suggestions, so we get everything ready beforehand. (Plz kindly keep it away from any kind of debate that this should be done or not....)

I really appreciate the help, anything that you think is part of this sewa.....


For example for langar, we need 


Water & place accomodation to wash and dry them - glass, spoon , plates, etc

Big bartans to make daal sabjiyan

Other big bartans for dahi and etc,

Big bartan & cloths to keep parshadas warm.

Tissues or towel

Chimta, chakla,belna(+2) etc

tea - cups

Other drinks

vegetables for pakorhe and daal sabjia

Bhande langer bartaun lai

Cloth for sangat to sit on to eat langar




Rumala sahib for Guru saab

Bhog lwaun lai bartan 



Dariyan for sangat to sit

Degh ingrdients in stock - desi gheo etc

degh bartaun lai bhanda and cover, spoon etc


Enough space for sangat to take off their shoe















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Penji I'm only writing what we did in regards to the list you have put in your post.

In the kitchen we had a table, where we put the food ingredients on and cutlery and smaller items mentioned on your first paragraph, rather than on the floor. 

Maybe a good idea to have some spare towels for Guruji, in case you need them. 

Shoes, we had sangat take off outside the house to a side that weren't in the way of when Guruji come through. 

Spare rumaals in case somebody doesn't bring theirs or for children. 

We focused more on the seva of Guruji, and made a simple langar with only minimum daal/sabji.  And suitable for those with allergies, e.g.: nut allergy. We felt it's more important to receive blessings of Guruji, than to emphasise on going OTT on things that won't be used up afterwards. 

Dont forget the toilet paper and toilet freshners, and towels and liquid soap in washrooms, as the granthis or ragis will be using them too, so sucham is important for seva of Guruji. 

If you wish you may have flowers in vases in front of Guruji or at the sides, but that's your own choice.  Can't think of anything else right now, but you seem to have it covered. And of course, no meat, alcohol or intoxicants in the house, as you will already know this, and no shoes. 

Try to spend as much time as you can in Guruji's company, aswell as encouraging sangat to listen to paat, is a big seva. Also thank Waheguru for giving you the chance to do the seva. 


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Thank you very much Simran ji....really great help.......I don't want to miss anything, so on spot I worry about stuff instead of doing sewa and listening to path. we have to make sure that we provide for all the needs of sangat, pathis and of course Guru saab.

If you remember anything else, please do share.


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2 hours ago, tuhintuhin said:

Thank you very much Simran ji....really great help.......I don't want to miss anything, so on spot I worry about stuff instead of doing sewa and listening to path. we have to make sure that we provide for all the needs of sangat, pathis and of course Guru saab.

If you remember anything else, please do share.


It is best to ask the Granthis from the Gurdwara that will be coming to your home, if there is anything you have missed out or they advise. They will have more knowledge and are normally helpful in guiding.  Ask them in advance, so if there is any preparation, you can get it organised in time. Don't worry, all will go well and enjoy Guruji's presence when they arrive. Normally elders know what to do, so communicate with them too. 

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