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singhbj singh

HSBC Sikh Network will be hosting Rise Of Sikh Women Event

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    • Not sour grapes at all. I just simply feel that you can't raise strong boys when you've mollycoddled them their whole life.  This tendency from apnay parents goes a long way in explaining why a lot of apnay grow up to be beta-males. I perfectly understand why they do it, it's because it's a safe bet.  But it would be nice if we had a lot more guys who weren't just groomed from birth to be office drones. But you have highlighted a really important thing we should all understand: That in the end, despite all the fronting, most apnay aren't really interested in politics, social issues or even religion, what they do crave is comfortable lives - I get this - it's logical.  But let's not get so blinded by this that we end up like the brothers and sisters in Delhi in 84 or those in Afghanistan right now.    
    • You seriously need to check your language and attitude. Your acting like a school kid with a foul mouth that needs rinsing with large bar of soap for your own good.  So your saying we should not aspire to move to bigger and better areas and improve ourselves. Just so you can fufill your hunger at cheap chicken and chip shops and shisha lounges.  Good luck with representing east london from your computer. You keyboard warrior wannabe thug.  p.s there is a difference between 'running away from muslims' and simply moving to a better area that has better schools and houses.  Maybe you are just jealous of others because you are still stuck where you are while others have become more succesfull and moved on. Sounds like sour grapes to me.       
    • And that's EXACTLY how you turn into a pu55y.  Fact is that our people have lived in tonda majority areas and thrived as leaders (before white men showed up). No one is saying (at least not me) that we should crawl up their ar5e. But f**king running off from them like a scared w**ker isn't even a strategy. Wherever the f**k you are, they'll soon turn up - they have numbers for it.  Let's be frank, most of our lot are too dumb and pu55y to put a strong flag down to mark their territory these days. Oh, and you keep running off with whitey to the burbs. See how long you last before your daughters turn out into brown versions of those 'Faces Nightclub' girls. 
    • Guest singh1999
      wjkk, wjkf. i am a 17 year old amritdhari singh and have been thinking about buying a motorcycle, but i live in California where if you want to ride a motorcycle you are required to wear a helmet. so  i am not sure if i will be able to put a helmet over my pagh (gol dastar) and was trying to see what the advice the sangat gives, wjkk, wjkf
    • Some people have too much time on their hands am afraid... Probably same people like "why you wasting time doing nothing? Go do paat!" Lol.