Mass graves are found in disused sewers at a former Catholic home for unmarried mothers in Ireland

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Mass graves are found in disused sewers at a former Catholic home for unmarried mothers in Ireland following decades of suspicion that hundreds of babies were buried in unmarked sites

A mass grave containing the remains of babies and young children has been discovered at a former Catholic home for unmarried mothers and their children in Ireland, an official report revealed today.

The remains were found in a disused sewer during excavations at the Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, County Galway.

The ages of the dead ranged from 35 foetal weeks to three years old and were mostly buried in the 1950s. 

In a statement today, the Mother and Baby Homes Commission said 'significant quantities of human remains have been discovered in at least 17 of the 20 underground chambers which were examined earlier this year'.

The inquiry was launched after local historian Catherine Corless said there was evidence of an unmarked graveyard at the home, where records showed almost 800 children died between 1925 and 1961.

However, there was a burial record for just one child.  

In the mid-1970s, local boys playing in the field had reported seeing a pile of bones in a hidden underground chamber.

Today's announcement dispels a popular argument that bones seen at the site might predate the orphanage's opening, when the building was a workhouse for the adult poor.

Some have even claimed that they were from people who died in the mid-19th century Great Famine. 


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Dread to think the kind of souls wandering around that place. Poor kids. And I'm not being flippant. 

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