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Sikh Voice Interpretation of Bhagat Dhanna ji story

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I came across this video and wanted to drawn attention to it.  Not because I am amazed at how well this guy from Sikh voice tells the story of Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji from Bhai Gurdas ji Vaars, but how he misguides sangat.  As I watched this video, I pulled up the vaar he was explaining of Bhai Gurdas ji.  The Sikh voice speaker explains the reason why he is making this video and it is because a person posed a question to him.  The question was asked, Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji speaks very loud and clear against the worship of a stone, so why would the Gurus write like this, Bhagat Dhanna jatt ji gained darshan of Vaheguru through a stone?  This is the context of the speaker throughout the video.  In the video he says, Bhagat Dhanna jatt ji was learned and knew stone worship will not lead to having darshan of Vaheguru.  No where in the vaar does it say Bhagat Dhanna jatt ji knew not to do stone worship.  No where in Gurbani does it say Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji knew not to do stone worship.  This speaker in the video is pulling this out of thin air and its called manmat.  When a person is interpreting Gurbani or Bhai Gurdas ji vaars we can pull references from each other.  Also we can pull from credible history accounts.  But the Sikh voice speaker is not using any reference to say Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji knew not to worship stones when speaking to the Brahman. Such ways of interpreting anything will lead to a wrong interpretation and a biased interpretation based on personal beliefs.  The speaker is in panic because in his mind he is unable to find a reasonable excuse to why Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji would worship a stone.  When he is unable to find a reasonable excuse, the Sikh voice speaker denies the true story and makes up his own story, even though Bhai Gurdas ji writes very clearly and direct of who is doing what and saying what.  While he is interpreting bhai Gurdas ji Vaar on Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji, he purposely misinterprets lines.  Let's look at the lines from the vaar which Sikh voice speaker misinterprets. 


First one:

DMnw krdw jodVI mY iB dyh iek jy quDu BwvY[

After Sikh voice speaker says the following line, he ask the listener, how would Vaheguru allow a stone worshippers Bani into Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji?  This guy is asking this question because in this sakhi he believes Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji is learned in how to meet Vaheguru.  Which is not the case.  As said above this is his manmat and no where in Gurbani or Bhai Gurdas ji Vaar or any credible history account does it say Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji was learned to not worship a stone idol and knew the way to Vaheguru.  Sikh voice is upset with the fact Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji worshipped a stone (as you will see later on in the sakhi Bhai Gurdas ji explains) and can't come to terms with it.  Think about this dangerous beliefs of denying history in the writing of Bhai Gurdas ji Vaar.  Tomorrow they will tell us there is no where bhai Lehna ji worshipped devi because he's our second Guru and the Guru knows not to worship devi.  So back to the above line.  This line is being misinterpreted as: Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji is asking from the Brahman, tell it (the stone) to give me a teaching of Vaheguru.  Sikh voice is speaking in Punjabi and no where in Bhai Gurdas ji vaar of the above line is Bhagat Dhanna ji mention any word that refers to Vaheguru or telling the Brahman to ask a question to the stone.  Sikh voice speaker is adding it in there to change the meaning of the line.  It's Sikh voice imagination running wild.  The correct interpretation of the line is: 

Dhanna makes a humble request: give me one, if you agree.  (the last word in the line can't be given one word in English. 

Now, can anyone tell me where did Bhai Gurdas ji use any word in the line to refer to Vaheguru?  Next the Sikh voice speaker says look at how Bhai Gurdas ji refers to the stone as only a stone and this is proof that Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji did not worship a stone.  Bhai Gurdas ji refers to it as a stone because he knows the complete story of Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji and even says in the later lines Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji worships a stone.  Plus Bhai Gurdas ji knows of Gurbani which speaks on how and why Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji met Vaheguru in this sakhi.  This is just beginning, keep reading next he goes to even greater lengths to promote his manmat of wild stories.  Next line says:

pQru iek lpyit kir dy DMnY no gYl CufwvY[

The stone is wrapped and given to Dhanna (Bhai Gurdas didn't write Dhanna, but it's obvious from the previous line Bhagat Dhanna ji is making a request for one and in the second part of the line Bhai Gurdas ji writes Dhanna). Second half of the line continues to say, Dhanna was sent on his way after getting the stone (Bhai Gurdas ji uses the words gYl CufwvY[. From the previous line, Bhagat Dhanna ji is showing already a sign of the Brahman getting frustrated with Bhagat ji.  In this line Bhai Gurdas ji clearly shows the brahman is fed up with Bhagat ji and just to get bhagat ji out of his hair, the Brahman quickly wrapped a stone and sent Bhagat ji on his way.  The Sikh voice speaker goes into his vicious cycle and tries to cook up a story for these two words.  He says, only those try to get rid of a person who are doing something wrong and get caught. Sikh voice thinking is stuck in a tunnel because he can't get the one thing I addressed at the beginning of this post out of his head; Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji never worshipped a stone because he already knew stone worship is wrong.  In fact Bhagat ji didn't know stone worship is wrong and actually did it, as the next line of the vaar says. 

Twkur no nHwvwilkY Cwih rotI lY Bogu cVHwvY[

Dhanna bathed Thakur (stone) and offered it buttermilk and roti (bread).

Sikh voice stuck in his vicious cycle doesn't agree with the above.  Sikh voice with his imagination cooks up a story of how the brahman is showing Dhanna ji how to do service of the stone after Dhanna ji ask him.  Sikh voice says Bhagat Dhanna ji is being clever here and trying to show the Brahman he is wrong.  Again using his imagination from the previous lines and he keeps packing on the lies, Sikh voice adds Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji wants the brahman to show him, the brahman Thakur can speak.  Sikh voice should be writing stories for children books with his wild imagination.  Bhai Gurdas ji vaar are the key to Gurbani and their is a connection.  But Sikh voice disregards this completely and makes up a story.  Gurbani on ang 1192 says the following:


DMnY syivAw bwl buiD ]

Dhanna did selfless service (seva) of Vaheguru with the understanding of a child. 

How can Sikh voice speaker say Dhanna knew not to worship a stone when Gurbani is saying Dhanna ji served Vaheguru with the understanding of a child?  Sikh voice interpretation is void of Gurbani teachings on Bhagat Dhanna jatt ji.  A child does as he is told and fully believes it from the person who is telling him.  This was the mindset of Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji when he went to the brahman for learning how to worship Thakur (Vaheguru) and the Brahman misled him.   

Next line of the Vaar:

hiQ joiV imnqW krY pYrIN pY pY bhuq mnwvY[

With folded hands and falling at the feet of the stone, Dhanna ji tried to persuade the stone of his service.

Sikh voice with this line continues with his imagination and says the brahman, who wanted to get rid of Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji is begging before the stone, so Thakur will come and present himself to Dhanna ji.  Next Sikh voice adds the Brahman couldn't get Thakur to come forward because the brahman made a mistake in his seva.  None of this is said by Bhai Gurdas ji.  It's all Sikh voice speakers manmat  The reality is, the Brahman is not stupid.  The Brahman knows stones don't eat or speak.  The Brahman put's on a show to rest of the people so the villagers would bring Thakur (villagers think it's Thakur) food and then the Brahman would eat it behind closed doors.  This is a system the Brahman have been using for a long time, yet this is not the case in this vaar.  Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji is doing all these things for the stone as Bhai Gurdas ji clearly lays out in this vaar. Next line of the vaar

hauN BI muhu n juTwlsW qU ruTw mY ikhu n suKwvY[

Dhanna said, “I will also not eat because how can I be happy if you are annoyed.”

Here Dhanna ji get's upset with the stone and gives the stone, who he believes is Thakur (Vaheguru) an ultimatum.  Yet Sikh voice speaker without any reason says the stone got upset with the brahman and the brahman is telling Dhanna ji, the stone has got upset with me, so maybe you can get the stone to eat and speak.  No where does Bhai Gurdas ji write the Brhman asked Dhanna ji to get the stone to speak and eat.  Sikh voice has a really wild imagination.  Writing children fiction books would be a perfect job for him.  Also the next line is saying Vaheguru came and ate the roti and buttermilk.

gosweI prqiK hoie rotI Kwie Cwih muih lwvY[

Akal Purakh came and ate the roti and drank the buttermilk with his mouth.

Bolw Bwau goibMdu imlwvY ]13]

Through naivety he(Dhanna) was joined to Akal Purakh.

Here Bhai Gurdas ji uses a very similar word Gurbani used on ang 1192 to say Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji realized Vaheguru and through which method.  Gurbani uses "understanding of a child" and Bhai Gurdas ji uses a word best translated into English as "naïve" at the beginning of the last line of the vaar.  Through naivety Dhanna was joined to Akal Purakh. Yet Sikh voice speaker makes up his own interpretation that does not fit into what Gurbani saying and doesn't even say Bhagat ji met Vaheguru as the Vaar clearly says.  This is a direct story about Bhagat Dhanna ji and Sikh voice makes it about how hes unable to accept the truth Bhai Gurdas ji is stating here and goes on missionary witch hunt to twist Gurbani and purposely hide Gurbani that does not go along with his belief system. 

Sikh voice is a dangers person to new people coming to Sikhi through Punjabi.  He has no real knowledge on Gurmat.  Today I put a direct challenge to Sikh voice to come forward on this site and explain ang 1192 line I quoted and how it applies to Bhai Gurdas ji Vaar on Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji.     

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sikh voice has recently been linked with anti-sikh elements and I have had words with their team on occasion because of such videos as these  and the ones spreading doubts and lies about Mahapurash  such as Sant Isher Singh ji Nanaksar wale ...They went through years of slagging off Ranjit SIngh as well now they are singing his praises , trying to make buddus out of the sikhs I guess.

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