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Drugs supplier Malachi Halstead Jailed for 14years for chopping of Drug Dealer Teerath Mann's finger

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DJ jailed for chopping off man's finger with meat cleaver after he posts video of 'barbaric' attack on Snapchat

Malachi Halstead posted 'chilling footage' of the attack on Snapchat Malachi Halstead posted 'chilling footage' of the attack on Snapchat Credit: Wales News
16 February 2017 • 4:40pm

A DJ who cut off a man's finger with a meat cleaver was caught by his own video when he filmed himself saying: "See that? I chopped that off."

Malachi Halstead, 35, posted "chilling footage" of the attack with the meat cleaver on social media network Snapchat.

Halstead then turned the camera on himself, holding the meat cleaver as he said: "Say hello to my little friend."

The video was released after Halstead, known as DJ Madskie, was jailed for 14 years after driving Teerath Mann, 23, to a graveyard to cut off his finger.

He must have been petrified. It was an utterly barbaric attackRecorder Christopher Clee QC

Halstead posted the video of himself saying: "Anyone f---- with me, this is what I do to him, I chop off their digits."

Pointing to Mann holding a tea towel to his bloodied hand, he said: "See that? I chopped that off."

A court heard Halstead drove Mr Mann to the secluded spot because he suspected he was stealing from him.

Prosecutor Heath Edwards said Halstead lured Mr Mann into his car before telling him: "Tonight you're losing something."

Mr Edwards said: "Halstead drove to a nearby place and parked up, and both got out of the vehicle.

"Mr Mann was made to place his finger on a wooden pole, and when he did, Halstead chopped off a large part of that finger."

Cardiff Crown Court was shown the Snapchat recording showing Mr Mann's severed hand and Halstead.

A still image from Malachi Halstead's Snapchat message
A still image from Malachi Halstead's Snapchat message Credit: Wales News Service

Mr Mann was selling drugs for Halstead, the court heard, but the DJ suspected money had gone missing.

Halstead denied the attack and said a mystery man called Mr Biggs had ambushed Mr Mann while they were in the graveyard. But Mr Edwards said Mr Biggs was "a figment of Halstead's imagination".

Halstead, of Newport, South Wales, was found guilty of wounding with intent after a five-day trial. He admitted escaping police custody for running away from officers after initially being arrested.

His on-off girlfriend Nicole Seaborne, also of Newport, was cleared of allegedly providing him with the weapon.

The judge, Recorder Christopher Clee QC, called the attack "utterly barbaric" and said the filming had been done to make Mr Mann seem "pathetic".

Cardiff Crown Court
The case was heard at Cardiff Crown Court Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA

Recorder Clee said: "Mr Mann was pleading with you. He must have been petrified. It was an utterly barbaric attack.

"Having carried out this vicious assault you used your mobile phone to film him making him display his injury and filmed yourself boasting.

"You manipulated the footage to speed his voice to make him look and sound pathetic. That footage is chilling."

After the case, Detective Constable Eirian Williams said: "Malachi Halstead enacted a terrible life changing injury on the victim on what was effectively a vendetta crime.

"We are delighted that this particularly violent individual has been convicted and we hope this lengthy sentence serves as a warning to others involved in organised crime."

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    • It amazes me how people cannot see any of the above. Are they so blinded by partisanship? Is it only objectionable if the other side does it? So, doesn't that make them bigoted when they adhere to a code of silence when their preferred candidate enacts the same policy? Yet... it's also obvious that Trump is taking baby steps, and he is indeed testing the waters. What his endgame is I have no idea. 
    • which gurbani lines you referring to ? please post.  Also I don't think anywhere any of bhagat, guru ji or bhatts baanis refer to women in any sexual way at all !  It is just example to help us understand jeev-aatma (often referred to as 'jeev-istree' in sikh literature) relationship with param-aatma (god) .  Since we have no inkling of what relationship to god feels like , those who have felt it have tried to pen it in comparison to earthly relationships we do understand ! and what more intimate relation than that of a spouse !  In Gurbani , at places, baani sometimes go along the lines of "Dear sister, tell me how you impressed your husband ? ... he doesn't like me, but likes you, tell me how you impressed ...." something along these lines ! and final closing line is of joy of how the wife finally impresses her husband and the typical shabad would close so ".. and then he came to bed and finally I enjoyed him ... " ..  I think I have read atleast one such shabad although I don't remember which exactly. but trust me, there's no sexual undercurrent in this shabad AT ALL ! it just helps us relate to our bodiless relationship with creator (something we don't understand) by comparing it to a relationship of intimacy that we do understand and often live !  Same can be said of krishna and gopis in hindu literature. Some say krishna had 16500 wives. Its not possible literally ! so again a hidden metaphor . Gopis revolving around krishna in play dance. Trust me, this often gets sexualized, but subtle metaphor is lost, namely that of souls (gopis) enjoying the spiritual bliss of krishna (god) and all of creation revolving around the creator. Rigveda and some upanishads mention the relationship of soul (jeev) and parbrahm as such :  "On a tree bearing multiple fruits, both bitter and sweet, sits two birds of a kind, eternal companions. One , of golden plume and luminous sits serenly on topmost branch, unperturbed and in bliss. On the lower branches, jumping from branch to branch, is its companion, who sometimes eat sweet fruits and sometimes bitter.  When it eats bitter fruits, it sometimes looks up and see its undisturbed , blissed companion of golden feathers. However , it soons forget its sorrows and starts eating sweet and bitter again .  Sometimes, again it eats bitter and this time flies on top branch , approaches the golden plume companion and when it goes very near, it realizes its golden plume is itself only, its inner-most self, the atma !"    the tree refers to body or world, the golden plume companion is the real self, the bird moving from here and there is jeev . the bitter and sweet fruits are dukh and sukh respectively which we bear in this world. When the bird goes on top branch (higher avastha) , it realizes its own self, and attains liberation and bliss, which gurbaani refers to as "mann tu jot saroop hai, apna mool pachaan"  Quite good example these seers made ! many such metaphors throughout in gurbani also.  The bigger question is "Can we believe ? truly?"
    • Exactly, it makes me kinda confused on how in some Gurbani lines it talks about sadhus leaving their wives but then they still keep thinking of women in their mind as a sadhu.. Can the same thing be said for gay people who try to 'leave' the marriage concept while becoming celibate & 'dharmic', but still think of guys? So does that not mean that they should get married as well.... bhul chuk maff kijye
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    • Now as I have qualified my assertion can you please qualify yours.. what evidence do you have that he didn't accept guru Angad Dev ji?