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How to remeber Gurbani ?

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Guest Gupt Newbie   
Guest Gupt Newbie

waheguru jee ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.

I'm new to sikhi, can anyone give advice on how to learn Gurbani, really want to learn japi ji sahib as a starter, I tried asking some locals on how to learn Gurbani, they turn around and told me 'people that are stuck in the 5 vikaars, that are manmukhs, can't remember gurbani', which wasn't really helpful.

Any Unique tips would be helpful Sangat jee.

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sikhni777    599

The more you recite Gurbani the more you will automatically remember it. Its your mind that does the recalling. Gurbani is meant to save you from the 5 vikaars, how is that possible if you dont recite it continuously ? 

Whoever gave you that advice did not give you the correct guidance. 

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singhbj singh    1,179

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    • WJKK WJKF  I am blessed with amrit next week (on Saturday). How I got past my mum saying no: I figured if I kept asking her then it would be in her authority, but actually it isn't. The Panj Pyare (Guru's saroop) do not care what your parents think because it is YOU that is taking amrit, not them. What I did was I told her instead of asked her. I told her I am taking amrit. The best reaction was my cousin and my grandma because they were supportive. I am a 16 year old Singh who got into Sikhi at the age of 14 in 2015. I was quite basic, I wore a simple patka and still ate meat. I gradually came started accepting very basic Sikhi principles such as not eating meat, not shaving etc. In 2016 I wore a dumalla, stopped eating meat and stopped shaving. I started to do paat a little (only japji sahib). I went to a Sikhi camp which improved my knowledge on topics like Shaheed Singhs and Ancient Sikhi. In 2017 I became more used to Sikhi and more strict. I started accepting the rehat of Akal Takht. This included not eating products with gelatine or egg. I woke up at amritvela to do panj baniaa and did rehras and kirtan sohila. My life changed significantly by this and I will share further experiences because I will unlock the full blessings later. My journey does not end here though! This month is my amrit sanchar. I am officially going to apart of the Khalsa. This is the beginning of the campaign on a game, the start of my very own timeline, my first words ever said but most importantly I am going to give my head to the Guru!   At some times, I will feel so excited about Sikhi. I will feel quite chardikala and it's something that I wish stays with me all the time because if I feel this regularly, what will I have to worry about with the modern society? And one thing I need to remember is that amrit is the beginning to everything.   (I am going to update this soon and I will notify everyone when I have taken amrit, if anyone needs anything or wants to ask questions about anything sikhi related feel free to)
    • Yes you are right, it was Guru Hargobind ji. 
    • Who, why & how different communities celebrate Diwali  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali
    • I don't know but I am pretty sure Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji was not sent to prison. The 6th Nanak (Dhan Dhan Guru Hargobind Singh Ji) was in prison and got Kings released hence why Bandi Chhor Divas is celebrated.