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Why These People Of Faith Are Marching For Women This Weekend

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Just another mass winge fest of the fact that Trump got elected.

These people need to accept that he is in for 4 years.

These marches serve no purpose.

I'd like to see these women marches in front of the Saudi Arabia embassy. 

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He won fairly In democratic process,  the people protesting are probably left wing liberals trying to over turn a democratic decision,  Same with brexit.

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most of these folks are clueless about the impact that Obama has made , I'm sure they have no inkling just how anti-faith Obama's policies were (multiple reports of anti christian dictats and  non-muslim bashing in armed forces) , further sneaking in of bills at the midnight hour to evade opposition such as the type giving the Govt powers to decide who is 'fake' media and accuse them of anti-government speech/propaganda and shut them down .

The common core education system is a major fail and parents are unhappy at the quality and content of the course , kids are being made to jump through ridiculous hoops and still get nowhere , penalised if they get the right answers but not by the tedious methods proscribed by the system so are made to feel like failures for no reason othe than non-compliance.

What happened to Michelle Obama's healthy food in school ...oh yes it didn't happen.

Did her stupid pouty face get 'our girls' home from Boko Haram?

People are sheep especially these ones they are wasting their time which would be better spent going back to their communities and using all that pent-up energy to improve them instead letting MSM get them traipsing up and down for photo opps for their agenda pieces . Sikhs shouldn't be handing out langar at such  functions it gives legs to stupid rumours , it was different at the mass mourning after Paris or Dover when people were trapped without water or food ...Why are we becoming the world's picnic basket ...we are supposed to help the poor and needy not SJWs on a jaunt from their leafy 'burbs remember these same SJWs are the ones tomorrow who will be trying to hound you for not changing Guru ji's maryada to allow for their special snowflakeness 

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    • There was a similar case of a halal meat factory was going to be opened near a UK gurdwara and eventually legal action was taken and they couldn't open it near the premises. Same thing needs to happen here, not because Sikhs cant eat meat because they can. However the hygiene and bad smell from meat shops does effect the environment. A gurdwara should be a welcoming place for vegetarians and non vegetarians. If rotting meat smells is near the Gurdwara hardly anyone is likely to come to pray, so they can file a case against such a shop being opened next to them. Further more I have also noticed pakistani muslim shops mostly restaurants opening right next to UK gurdwara sahib's. Maybe its a direct policy by zealous muslims to try and undermine non-muslim places of worship or maybe there's nothing sinister about the motives however knowing islam's history with non-muslim communities i chose to believe its often to undermine the other communities.
    • By 0 proof, I meant 0 presented. Not that you had 0. And its not like people have never lied(unfortunately) in front of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, or done much worse.  What lol? My point is we can't just have this fantasy we'll somehow pick/find 5 Singh's who all be completely pure and fix everything. A lot needs to be done before that. 
    • I think American Sikhs need to create a central Sikh body of America's where national security is priority. resolutions can be passed and create protocols so that they can be enforced. So for example defending sangat and Guru Ji would be priority but also preventing such things as stopping the anti-sikh mixed faith anand karaj beadhi that canadian and american sikh gurdwara committee's allow still. Most UK gurdwara's have no started to stop this beadhi insult to their Guru, but they have yet to implement tough security for Guru's ghar as we can see they get robbed by non-sikhs and Guru Ji is attacked. There's a private Sikh security firms in America, one is run by "goray Sikhs" called akal security. Sikhs in the west need to create a security force like this for all gurdwara's and have Sikhs on guard duty on a well paid salary to prevent beadhi and kick out undesirables who cause trouble.  
    • We have a gurdwara here with a meat shop fairly close by, no such smell in or around gurdwara. Maybe your nose is just much more sensitive, but meat shops do not leave the entire neighborhood smelling.  
    • apart from being rude can you please finally answer the question WHAT ABOUT MAI BHAGO JI?  do you deny Dasmesh Pita ji gave her khande di pahul? do you also deny he tied a dastaar on her head? do you deny purataan sakian associated with her? Are you denying the itihaas that says there were female combatants on the battlefields , spies and messengers ? Do you deny the itihaas of women's heads being cut to pass off as sikh teens for a price? (thus they had to be wearing jodey on dasam duar at least) do you denounce the goodness and Honour of all the Bibian such as Harsharan Kaur ji, Mai Bhago ji, Mai Sevan ji, Mata Kaulan ji, The singhnian who were presented to Begums of mughal officials , who were described as being muscular, dressed like men , in armourplate , carrying arms ???