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Why These People Of Faith Are Marching For Women This Weekend

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Just another mass winge fest of the fact that Trump got elected.

These people need to accept that he is in for 4 years.

These marches serve no purpose.

I'd like to see these women marches in front of the Saudi Arabia embassy. 

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He won fairly In democratic process,  the people protesting are probably left wing liberals trying to over turn a democratic decision,  Same with brexit.

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most of these folks are clueless about the impact that Obama has made , I'm sure they have no inkling just how anti-faith Obama's policies were (multiple reports of anti christian dictats and  non-muslim bashing in armed forces) , further sneaking in of bills at the midnight hour to evade opposition such as the type giving the Govt powers to decide who is 'fake' media and accuse them of anti-government speech/propaganda and shut them down .

The common core education system is a major fail and parents are unhappy at the quality and content of the course , kids are being made to jump through ridiculous hoops and still get nowhere , penalised if they get the right answers but not by the tedious methods proscribed by the system so are made to feel like failures for no reason othe than non-compliance.

What happened to Michelle Obama's healthy food in school ...oh yes it didn't happen.

Did her stupid pouty face get 'our girls' home from Boko Haram?

People are sheep especially these ones they are wasting their time which would be better spent going back to their communities and using all that pent-up energy to improve them instead letting MSM get them traipsing up and down for photo opps for their agenda pieces . Sikhs shouldn't be handing out langar at such  functions it gives legs to stupid rumours , it was different at the mass mourning after Paris or Dover when people were trapped without water or food ...Why are we becoming the world's picnic basket ...we are supposed to help the poor and needy not SJWs on a jaunt from their leafy 'burbs remember these same SJWs are the ones tomorrow who will be trying to hound you for not changing Guru ji's maryada to allow for their special snowflakeness 

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    • @harsharan000 i miss your words of wisdom posts... hope all is well. 
    • It's not just RS, you have other cults out there too. They use gurbani to lure people to fill their pockets. They are leeches, do not follow these so called cults... so called baba trilochan das has even started charging money for prashad. Rebranding Ayurvedic as guru prashadam and sell it to their followers - google it.... People Need to wake up. Faith is a business for these so called pakhadis.
    • God doesn't have a name, if you were a true Sikh you'd know that from Jaap Sahib. Nice try but your Devta Pooja Bhajans are just that, don't lump it with the supreme essence of God, that stuff there is trash compared to it. You didn't even know that the name Raam used in Gurbani isn't a name but a divine attribute.  Nice try but that song is talking about a being filling the person with energy and being their life support. You're so biased that just because the word Raam is there you start screeching its about God, when the person who sung it has a page devoted ENTIRELY to Ram Chander.  Well what do you expect. She had no come-back for the fact that she thinks she's got more knowledge and insight than a Brahmgyani, Honestly I'd rather watch "cartoons" than the drivel she does and above all I'm certainly not a massive hypocrite like her, my feet aren't in 2 boats with one sinking down to hell and the other rising up.   Since we're on the topic of "Bhajans" and Blasphemy. Here guy, according to Preeto this is also Praise of God.   I'll let you in on a little secret....this time it uses the word God.  
    • You know you don't have to hide behind a Sikh mask and can admit to being Hindu; nobody going to judge you, but when you try to use Sikhi as a shield to preach Hinduism; that's when it gets on people's nerves. Now your insulting his taste in t.v., when you've been watching Bhagat Beadbi of Ravidas.