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singhbj singh

The Wall Of Truth: November 1984 New Delhi Sikh Genocide Memorial

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    • Similar thing happened to someone i know. He started meditating alot and had an out of body experience. When he saw his body lying down on the sofa with the eyes closed and not moving. He thought he had died. He got so scared that he stopped meditating and started playing games n was on the computer all day. He was afraid to meditate, even tho he knew i am the soul and this body is fake.  You can do a couple of things:  1. Pray. Ardaas. Explain ur problems to guruji. He will help 2. Sangat. Stay in the company of good ppl. Try to find someone more spiritually advanced ie a sant 3. Read more gurbani. Especially dasam granth bani. Read Akal Ustat, Chaupai Sahib, chandi di Vaar, see the morphasis of chandi into kali as a metaphor for urself. After killing the vikaars, ur ego wont die but transform into its better, bigger self. You will not have died but become enlightened. God will not take over and replace u. You will become God and have limitless power to destroy and create. Of couse i can say it, u can say it a thousand times but u must realize it not just know it. So read Gurbani, dasam bani, read Rumi's poetry, listen to spiritual discourse, read books by sant ishar singh ji rara sahib. Look into wat buddhism says about enlightenment. Read bhai randhirs singhs books or bahi vir singhs. These are online. Google  Do ardaas, take a hukamnama. Remember Kirpa is needed.
    • I know those fagggoty , poooftery people really make me angry  
    • Not in England. More likely to assimilate into Anglos here. My family are such gruff pendus, most genteel Hindus would run a mile from them anyway. lol! That being said, I meet plenty of pagh wearing Sikhs who are the biggest coconuts you can meet, so it's not as simple as you might think. These people are as obsessed about football (or act so) as the dumbest gora, and seem more attached and knowledgeable about their favourite football team than their Sikh identity/history. Life is complicated. lol 
    • I have found many of them very hostile to exegesis, I believe it is important to engage with people we disagree with or with those who disagree with me.. I think it is important to do this as otherwise I would be surrounded by like minded sycophants with whom I generally have a lot in common.. 

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