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For those who are interested in video games, This might be a pretty old one, but is one of the only one that involved Sikhs. 

This is Empire: Total War, a turn-based strategy and real-time tactics PC game developed by The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA. The fifth game in the Total War series, it was released in 2009. It focuses in the early modern period (1700-1800).

Even though the game mainly focuses European history, its map covers most of Asia (Middle East&India), North America and Africa. The main factions on the Indian subcontinent are the Mughals and Marathas. However, as time passes new factions present themselves (Afghanistan, Punjab-Sikh Empire, Britain and France).  Sikh units can be recruited by both, as mercenaries. Sikh Musketeers are mainly available to the Marathas, maybe because they both fought Mughals. They are the best soldiers of India in terms of morale and abilities. There are two Sikh units in the basic game: Sikh Musketeers and Sikh Warriors. There are many mods that also add: Sikh Heavy Cavalry, Sikh Sharpshooters and many other units.

I suggest this to many teenagers and parents, because it gives you the chance to relive history.

It costs just 20$ or Euros or even cheaper during sales at Steam-http://store.steampowered.com/app/10500/, or just 2$ at Amazon-https://www.amazon.com/Empire-Total-War-PC/dp/B0018YXM3Y/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1483807122&sr=1-1&keywords=empire%2Btotal%2Bwar&th=1

Below are some screenshots:


The Sikh Musketeers


The Generals Elephant Bodyguard


The Sikh Warriors


All Punjabi Units



Sikh Musketeers assaulting Mughal Artillery and Islamic SwordsmenCharge.jpg

I had bad FPS in this screenshot


All Army in Formation


Sikh Army ready to retake Lahore (Campaign Map)

This is video of a American guy playing a Multiplayer Battle using Sikh troops. The yank probably has no idea of the Sikh religion and is making up much of the stuff he says

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It's impossible to play as Punjab in this game without the use of mods, and spreading the Sikh religion is impossible, (so if someone was going to want a Khalsa Raj on the planet, it would be impossible). Also the Martha Empire wouldn't best represent us since we aren't Hindu. If someone really wanted to play as a Sikh nation in a video game, Daas would recommend Civ 5 where you can actually let Sikhs spread.

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I don't think installing mods to play your favourite faction would be impossible. Plus, Civ 5 doesn't have real-time tactical feel. Most kids out there prefer, however,  those first-person-shooters like CoD and GTAs

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