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    • While they were busy trying to overtake the world and mess them, they forgot to take care of their children at the same time. Thus they have created fpr themselves a mess which now seems too difficult to sort out. We have fallen with them in the same mess created by laws and rules which are too painful to keep on following. 
    • Having half  illiterate and not very highly educated grandparents has been a result of this ploy by the British. My great grandfather was of the time I suppose before this happened. His achievements were immense. he owned a great amount of sakhis which he read for all youngsters in the village. His children i.e.  my naniji went to school for just a 5 years after which her family did not think that a well educated girl would land a husband at all. Therefore she stayed at home. Despite being a bright student she got married at the age of 14. She did not perform her nitnem until my grandfather passed away 50 years later. Had she been more educated, she may have been able to advice her children better and we may have had more educated adults in the family.  From my fathers side, we had 2 illiterate parents. My grandfather learnt the 5 pauris of Japji sahib in his old age only by attending the guradwara regularly. He was not able to say these off head. Whereas my great grandfather woke up at Amrit vela and performed his nitnem on the way and read sakhis and told everyone, no one else was able to reach that level because of illiteracy. My great grandfather was able to reach a stage where he got parttakh darshan of Guru Gobind Singh Ji whereas the next generation could not even recite the main bani off head!!! So yes a big part of our inherited culture was destroyed by this evil plan. Perhaps if we had more educated grandparents, then as a community we would be able to make greater and wiser progress. We have lost youngsters to a culture which is alien both to us and to themselves too. Time to get back to our roots and rediscover them.  Thanks dailysingh101 for this very useful information. 
    • They're under attack in one respect and one respect only as far as I can tell - any complaint or grievance they have is automatically shut down as 'racist' by society at large.  Saying that though, an examination of the thinking behind these complaints always throws up the same themes - "the immigrants are taking our jobs and our houses". If this were truly the case, then the solution would be a pretty obvious one - make more jobs and build more houses. But the greedy men currently in power in this country would rather not do this, thus they are constantly resuscitating these politically expeditious lies about immigrants, to avoid having to spend their money.  The working class whites are being played by the rich whites, and they just can't see it. 
    • Whatever the art style and period, I've always been struck by the depiction of Guru Tegh Bahadhur, which seems to be fairly standardised throughout the centuries. The grey / white streak in their beard underneath the bottom lip is a common distinguishing feature in various portraits of theirs. It's a pretty specific detail. Is that something that's been mentioned in a sakhi, etc?
    • Guru ji went to battle as a youth thus his name from Tyag Mal to Teg Bahadur...but his true essence was to be tied to Akal Purakh's charan