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    • Problem ? Yah, I don't like the religion (or more accurately culture, here are some reasons - less strict adherence to religious protocol (OK, none at all!), deity-worship, Hindu priests aren't even well read in their own scriptures, many more). We went to the Gurudwara for many reasons - 1) Punjabi was spoken, I couldn't speak Hindi. The only other option was we spoke Hindi at home instead of Punjabi 2) Much closer. In addition to that, from my knowledge it's the only religion that's indigenous to Punjab. 
    • OK, great. But again, why do you want to become a Sikh? Is there a problem remaining a Hindu?
    • So who's the better role model Duleep Singh or Jugraj Singh Toofan?
    • [OP here.]  Thank you for the kind response.  Yes I have read a lot about the religion, I'll also add Punjabi isn't a problem (we speak that at home), my parents are originally from Amritsar (should have mentioned that), it's just the non-familiarity with the Gurmukhi script. And yeah, I'm a guy. Learning Gurmukhi should not be very difficult (in contrast it is much harder to learn sanskrit and read the Gita/ vedas), I will refer to the basics of Sikhi playlist on that.
    • A gurdwara outside of India used Hindi as the parchar medium? This is a new one to me. I wonder where this could have been. OOPs, OK, I see: you're a Hindu, and you just went to the Gurdwara because it was closer. Yes, conversion is welcome if done under appropriate circumstances (no compulsion, also I would never say to someone to divorce their wife to become a Sikh). OK, you don't read Gurmukhi. Are you a Punjabi? Do you speak Punjabi, if only a little? Only reason I ask is it will be easier to learn to read Punjabi if you already somewhat speak it. I don't advise that you should become a Sikh right away. Rather, you should learn about Sikh philosophy. You should listen (if you can't read) to the path (recitation) of Guru Granth Sahib, easily available online. Please ignore the other user who said if you went to a Gurdwara, you're already a Sikh. But before I say anything else,  Why do you want to become a Sikh? Is there a problem remaining a Hindu?