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Subway veggie patty

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Guest Egg.eater


its been more than a year when i went to a subway in US and i asked the lady there to check the ingredients for VEGGIE PATTY, she read it and said ,it has no egg or meat in it.

since then I am eating subway with veggie patty,i am not a regular outside eater but i took subway about 10-15 times in whole year.

today i went to California and a mona.sikh man owned the subway and when i asked him to put veggie patty he told me "bhaji it has eggs in it,do u know"?

then he showed me the ingredients and it states "egg whites"

i am not an Amritdhari though but it feels very bad now. I am posting this as may be some of you dont know this.


** I also request all of you (anyone who can,and anyone who have time,if possible) to make a fine list of all the eatable products that are available in countries like ( US  CAN England etc).

I know its gonna be a long list may be as many as 200-250 products, and it will take time to read all ingredients and make the product list, but if anyone can try, it will be a great help for all of us.

Sangat can put that list in our phones and can always careful about whether not not this product contains egg or not.

moreover, there are some products like doritos.chips, or lays etc, which dont show any suspectious item in ingredient list, but it has something like "color.code.40" etc(for example) , so this is a lots of time consuming assignment if anyone can do this sewa. 

My job is something that I cant do it, but i can call all the phone numbers if needed to get information about the products and we will keep updating it here in comments.

so sangat ji if we all try, in two three months we can have a long list of all available products that are okay and not okay for amritdharis.

egg meats etc ruin the simran jeewan, i been trying hard since the 2016 starting to get to some awastha by mool mantars but when i eat eggs in subways, how can i get improvement in spirituality??

God has given me eyes and brain to read ingredients , it was solely my mistake ☹️️



plz someone make a list

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Subway - Veggie Patties has eggs in it. Their sauces also got eggs in it (except Mustard and Sweet Onion). Make sure employees change into new gloves to serve you and use clean knife to cut sandwich. Usually same knife cut meat sandwich and veggie ones. So request them politely to use clean blade to cut. Same with Pizza place, tell them to use clean blade to make slices or order it as non-cut.
Burger King - Veggie Patties got eggs in it.
Taco Bell - Sour Cream of taco bell has gelatin, ranch sauce and Cantina veggie Burritto sauce is not vegetarian at all.
Panda Express - NO Product of them is vegetarian as they use chicken broth as their main base product.

Due to my work profession, i have to eat outside quite a bit and i try to avoid as much as i can but when i eat outside, i make sure that food is free from any meat products as i use my due diligence very rigorously. 

My best bet is that if you eat outside, make sure that you avoid all type of sauces that has some sort of cream in it. If i go to Chinese place then i usually the server/chef that bring me food just like you are going to serve a buddhist vegetarian. Eggs rolls and most of their product's broth are usually non vegetarian.

I also own a fast food business and believe me that it is very hard to make pure 100% vegetarian stuff in any food joint place without any cross contamination.

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1 hour ago, Jacfsing2 said:

Off-topic: Wouldn't eggs always be considered Jhatka?

where's the head LOL

anyway if it is unfertilised then is it not a part of the chicken  ? besides who wants to eat chicken menses ....they contain nasty bugs like salmonella.

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