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    • It has to be sarbloh all food that we eat should be made in sarbloh but that is a different topic but degh should always be made in sarbloh and then when served should also be in sarbloh utensils 
    • Keski is not  a kakaar and will never be akj jathebandi say this but guru gobind singh Jee states in there hukamnama which was sent to kabal that kes is a kakaar and as a Taksali Singh myself I have read a lot about this and keski is not a kakaar this is a misconception by akj jathebandi 
    • Wjkk wjkf, sangat ji, are we allowed to make deg in steel or does it have to be sarabloh? thanks
    • A friendly tip veer ji.....when you go to Cali....DO NOT call black people negroes unless you're trying to collect disability or life insurance.  Edit: I keep trying to find the right words for this veer ji and it keeps winding up long and rude... Short form is. Dude. You need to focus on you, your behavior is not cool. Put down your poorly constructed politics and pick up Gurbani and Sewa. Driving a prius is not Sewa. Fake news is not Sewa.  If you're going to respond to a poster please be respectful.  If someone is kind enough to respond to you, be respectful and address their points.  Hang in there ji.  Further edit: If you feel I've been rude to you, or trolling, I apologize. I will do my best to respect your posts. Please be respectful in your posts, and maybe we can all have better dialogue. 
    • Guest Jagsaw_Singh
      BhForce: I did when I said the below but you are selective in what you choose to see and hear and that decision is usually based on who shares your love /lust with Hindustan:   'What I did, in what I feel was a very humourous and witty way, was highlight how any Sikh that actually enjoys the shafting India has been giving the Sikhs since 1947 needs to question why he enjoys it. Lets look at some of what he enjoys: 1) 1946 - At the Indian National Congress in Calcutta, as the British told the Sikhs their fate was in their hands, Nehru stood up at the Congress and it is on public record that he promised the Sikhs that if they chose to join India Punjab would be given an autonomous state status replicating the Khalsa Raj of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. That means our predicament under India now is entirely based on a lie. We got shafted. It would take a sick minded sikh to actually enjoy this shafting. 2) Never mind  'replica of the Sikh Kingdom' we were promised....India actually went on to cut Punjab into a further 3 pieces. We got shafted. 3) Massacred in the 60's. Massacred in the 70's. Genocide in the 80's and 90's. We've been shafted. What kind of person enjoys this kind of shafting ? 4) Killing off our mother tongue.  Supressing our free speech. Shielding the people that massaced us. We're being shafted. 5) Like the negroes in America, official Indian government statistics show that Sikhs are 3 times more likely to be arrested than a Hindu. Once arrested, Sikhs are 3 times more likely to be charged than a Hindu. Once charged, Indian govt stats show that a Sikh is 3 times more likely to be convicted than a Hindu. Once convicted, a Sikh is 7 times more likely to be hung than a Hindu. And so, they (the pharisees) summoned the man and said unto him "speak up....for we know BhForce is a Gursikh"   "Whether or not he is a Gursikh I do not know: the man replied" "All I know is this:  for a man that is continuously being shafted to turn around and tell his shafter he still loves her / him........this man is surely morally bent if not physically"
        You've spent a whole year stalking me from thread to thread calling me the most disgusting of names and never once.....the list of profanities you have called me must run into the thousands. That in itself is not surprising because the Hinduvta Indian nationalists like yourself specialise in that kind of behaviour these days. We see it often at demonstrations outside the Indian High Commission and we see most often on the internet where the mere sight of Sikhs professing the desire to break free from Indian brutality unleashes animal level hatred and rage amongst the Indian fascists.  What's surprising in a funny way however, is how BhForce and his selective sight hasn't seen any of it over the course of the last year.  But....as always....I fully understand your mental / emotional issues and rather than lower myself to your level of obscenities I understand your weakness and give you links. The stats are from the Indian National Crime Records Bureau and the link below is from the Hindustan Times who tried their best to paint it in the best light as possible but even they couldn't hide the painfull truth: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india/hindus-least-likely-to-be-jailed-sikhs-christians-most-likely/story-Og4PhnhYsPlVLJglKyeOKL.html  Aah...the 'power of suggestion'.  Plant a thought in people's head, say it often enough and they will begin to believe it.  Let me ask you something ?  Do you think the Sikhs are stupid ?  When you Hinduvta India lovers come here on a Sikh forum to try and spread hate and vindictiveness do you think the Sikhs are so stupid that they cannot see what you are doing ?   Do you think the people don't know that I have been chased by a pack of rabid hate filled Indian nationalists for a whole year constantly calling me vile names and each time I've just ignored and carried on with what I like to do, i.e talk about history, philosophy and sociology etc ?   You see that's the main difference between a Singh of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji and the small frightened mice that represent Hinduvta. You fascists hunt in groups like rabid dogs and even after a year of throwing vile insults at me I still stand strong, brush off the attacks from the dogs and stay true to my words. 
        Of all the profanities and insults you Hinduvta Indian nationalists have thrown at me over the course of the past year I have got to say that was probably the lamest. Surely you can do better than that ?
        I have to say BhForce...and I don't mean to be nasty with this....but you do come across as extremely camp and delicate. So...of the 2,000 or so disgusting and vile insults the Indian fascists have been throwing at me over the course of the last year you're saying you missed every one of them ?    Yikes !!  A visit to specsavers for you my friend.  Now.....I know that I've given valuable insights into our history, our philosophy, our demographics etc etc but, hand on my heart, I'm struggling to find a single interesting thing you have ever said Bhforce. I mean I only remember your name because for so long I thought you were named after british home stores but beyond that there's really nothing at all. Sorry. Yes it does, but you're just not bright enough to understand it. What my sentences said was exactly the same thing that the other EU member states are saying....i.e. that it is delusional to think you can enjoy the benefits of a club whilst not being a member of the club. That's why I used the cake shop analogy. It's not rocket science my friend.
        Are you 4 years old BhForce ?    I really don't think we'll find another person above the age of 4 in this country that Brexit and self-determination go together in the same sentence.     Anyway....it seems the Mod was playing a big joke on us all when he said 'no more moderation' on my thread here, which is a real shame because I had great plans to dig up some of my old philosophy blog articles and post them before I go in a few weeks because in recent weeks was working towards tying up the various themes I introduced into a more substantive Stoic piece.  Never know though....might get time....fingers crossed.