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    • As part of Scottish Interfaith Week Interfaith Glasgow invite you to join us for a special Scriptural Reasoning dialogue event exploring creation narratives in Hindu and Sikh scriptures. All Welcome! The programme will follow the format of "Scriptural Reasoning," a method of interfaith dialogue where texts are specially chosen to provide the focus for discussion, enabling a deeper exploration of the theme and the traditions concerned. Two speakers from the Hindu and Sikh traditions will give a short introduction to a text of their choice on the theme of "Creation" before all are invited to share their reflections in small groups, and to listen and learn from one and other as equals. The goal of the dialogue is not agreement, but friendship and understanding. You can read more about Scriptural Reasoning here http://www.scripturalreasoning.org Although originally designed as a method of dialogue for Jews, Muslims and Christians, this event is open to all - religious and secular. Source - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/creation-myths-a-look-at-hindu-and-sikh-texts-tickets-34032015675?aff=es2
    • Some of the actual prizes - 6 axis gyro Drones, Hover Boards, 3 Different Power Cars & Bikes, Electric Scooters, Train Set Tables, Doll Townhouse, Foosball and Hockey Tables, iPads Lego City Sets, Helicopter Drone, and many more items. Registration Deadline is October 22nd  Register online at www.sukhsagar.ca/gkm
    • https://m.facebook.com/sikh2inspire/photos/a.339597379512902.1073741845.338782506261056/928699313936036/?type=3&source=48&__tn__=EHH-R
    • The religious census of the UK shows that Christianity has dropped down to 60%. With a further 25% non-religious. Islam is 4% and Sikhism and Hinduism are both close to 1%.
    • I used to be so angry coz I got a son who is always doing the wrong thing and got the wrong focus. I would shout and then get terrible headaches.  Now I have decided that it is not worth shouting - I just keep quiet and keep busy doing my own stuff.  We need to realise that we get angry when we try to do things by our powers. If we leave a little to God, and accept that things are the way they are. If we can learn to be tolerant of others and accept that we are all trying to learn something -( which is the reason why we are on the planet earth), our anger would be reduced greatly.  Anger stems from frustration. A good way to control it is to place yourself in the other persons situation and think about it as if you were them... and you committed that deed. Would you be angry with yourself as much if you had done that ? We all make mistakes - and we all have weaknesses. Swearing, bad words, leashing of your wisdom upon others and labelling are not going to do either you or your victim any good.  Trying to perform path regularly also ensures that your energies are more focused in the right direction and the cool feeling which you get is not worth being destroyed by the fumes which anger creates. Many of us get caught unawares and we have to learn to alert ourselves before we make a complete fool of ourselves and have to be calmed down by others.