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    • Look at this shameless dog he knows this will inflame tensions by using Sikh girl in his video. He is giving advice to convert so called sikh girls to Islam in a covert way not directly. Basically he makes up situations or muslims send him in fake stories and he tries to promote Islam over other religions. Check the last video in the videos section https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKGeFv3Gaho3bD4-hoUx4eg I didnt want to paste the video url as it would give it undeserved publicity I wonder if Sikhs parchariks and Sikh groups will respond to this. if bhai jagraj was still alive he would have definitely responded because he's already tackled and defeated dawah kid in debate with him but now he is no more this coward dawah kid takes advantage knowing full well basics of sikhi wont be responding to this sly dig at Sikh girls and sikhi.
    • She's the one that directed Bend it Like Beckham. 
    • Your right that 7 days documentary  is heavily biased against Sikhs and painted our folks as extremists who started it all. When the fact of the matter is it was the hindu punjabis of hindu mahasahaba, arya samaj and RSS that went around kicking off with muslims all the time in the led up to events of 1947. The pakistani muslim league and Hindu mahasaba were the main ones responsible for starting the killings. The british reported cloak and dagger tactics were being used, basically people trying to pretend to be another religion in false flag attacks to get Sikhs framed and attacked and thus Sikhs would jump in and start attacking also. Alot of the nirankaris looked Sikh but were not Sikhs they are hindu punjabi, arya samajists also had infiltrated Sikh circles. Master tara singh was a hindu convert to Sikhism who was very friendly with fellow hindus nehru and gandhi and tried to inflame tensions against muslims before partition. Real Sikhs had alot of patience but you can only be patient and peaceful for so long after killings get too much and only then did later did our Sikhs under akali dal and various jatha groups aided by Sikh military generals and Sikh Maharajah's do revenge attacks on muslims to clear out east punjab of islam after their relatives were being wiped out in west punjab villages and Sikh dominated area's like sialkot, sargodha, rawalpindi, jhelum, mirpur,etc.
    • I meant the production of the movies.